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User manual Panasonic, model CZRTC2

Manafacture: Panasonic
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manual abstract

2. Names and Operations
Operation Section (Refer to page I)
(Start/Stop) button
(Ventilation) button
Pushing this button starts, and pushing again
Use this button when you installed a fan
stops the unit.
available in the market. Pressing this button
2. Operation
turns on and off the fan. When turning off the
The lamp is turned on when an air conditioner
air conditioner, the fan will be also turned off.
is in operation.
(While the fan is operating,
will appear in
This lamp blinks when an error occurs or a
the display.)
protective device is activated.
is displayed on the LCD of the remote
control unit when pressing the ventilation
(Mode select) button
button, no fans are installed.
Pushing this button selects an operation
mode. (AUTO
(Inspection) button
Do not use this button.
4. Temperature setting buttons
(Sleeping) button
Changing the temperature setting.
Sleeping Function)
(Fan speed) button
13. Remote control sensor
Changing the fan speed.
Normally, the temperature sensor of the
indoor unit is used to detect the temperature.
(Swing/Air direction) button*1
However, it is also possible to detect the
Use this button to set the auto swing or air
temperature around the remote control unit.
direction to a specifi c angle.
(Unit select) button
When more than one indoor unit is operated
*1 Do not move the fl ap (vertical airfl ow
by one remote control unit, this button is used
adjustment board) with your hand.
to select a unit when adjusting the air
• The fl ap is automatically directed down
when the unit is stopped.
• The fl ap is directed up during the HEAT
8. Timer setting buttons
standby. The fl ap starts swinging after the
Weekly Program Function)
HEAT standby is cancelled, although the
(Filter reset) button
AUTO fl ap indication on the remote control
Use this button to reset the fi lter sign.
unit is displayed during the HEAT standby.
is displayed, press this button after
cleaning the fi lter.
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CZ-RTC2_Main.indb EN-2
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