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User manual Hand Held Products, model 7900

Manafacture: Hand Held Products
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manual abstract

If you tap OK before tapping Send, the program requests confirmation before discarding the message. 5.The Sending message box appears over the message. 6.When the message has been sent, the Message sent box appears. Icons at the Top of the Message Screen Icon Description At the top of the window: Copy selected text. Cut selected text. Paste text. Undo the previous action. This icon appears only in a message that has been sent. Tapping this button will re-send the message. In the task tray at the bottom of the window: Send all messages in the Outbox. Edit Menu The Edit menu provides the same options as the icons at the top of the screen, with the following additional options: Select AllSelects all text in the active message section. Clear SelectionDe-selects all text in the active message section. GPRS Settings uPhone includes pre-configured GPRS connection profiles to connect to a GPRS network. When the GSM driver is enabled uPhone selects the appropriate pre-configured profile based on the service provider information on the installed SIM card. Before connecting to GPRS, you need to confirm and save the selected uPhone GPRS profile (or create one) in uPhone GPRS Settings, then enter the ISP information in Microsoft’s connection manager. The default profiles are for a modem connection. However, you can also configure GPRS for VPN or Proxy Server connections by creating a GPRS connection profile for that connection type in Microsoft’s connection manager. Requirements No ActiveSyncMake sure that you are not connected to a host PC via ActiveSync when configuring the connection settings! Service Provider Information You need the APN Number, and User name and Password from your network service provider. Configuring the GPRS Connection The GSM driver installs pre-configured GPRS connection profiles. When enabled, the GSM driver reads the installed SIM card and selects the matching pre-configured connection profile. 1.Tap Start > System > Connections tab > uPhone GPRS. The GPRS Settings screen appears with the selected profile in the Current Profile drop-down list. . 2.In the Current Profile drop-down list, select the profile associated with your account. The Details section is already complete. A default GPRS profile (for a modem connection) is created in Microsoft’s connection manager based on the profile selected here. If your profile does not appear in the Current Profile list, select Add new and complete the Details section. 3.In the Details section •Type in the APN number •Type in the IP address (Leave blank to use DHCP.) •Select the Protocol 4.Tap OK. You return to the Connections tab. 5.Because GPRS is ISP technology, you need to complete the connection profile in Microsoft’s connection manager with information from your ISP. On the Connections tab, tap Connections. The connections manager opens. 6.Tap Manage existing connections. This default GPRS profile loads into the connection manager based on the service provider profile selected in uPhone’s GPRS Settings; see Step 2 above. Note:A modem connection is the default connection type. If you want to create a VPN connection, for example, you need to create a GPRS profile on the VPN tab using the parameters in the following steps. 7.Make sure that GPRS is selected and tap Edit. 8.You can enter a custom name for the connection but leave PhoneTSP Line (GPRS) as the selected modem. 9.Tap Next. 10.Enter the number provided by your ISP or leave the default “GPRS” if no number has been provided. If you leave “GPRS,” the GSM radio uses the APN Number entered in the uPhone profile (see Step 2 above). Tap Next. 11.Enter the User name and Password provided by your ISP. Tap Finish. Entering your user name and password here in the connection manager profile means that you don’t have to enter them every time you try to connect via GPRS. 12.Tap and hold on the GPRS connection and select Connect on the popup menu. 13.You terminal attempts to connect to the GPRS network. When the connection is established, the double arrows appear in the Navigation bar . 14.To verify your connection, tap Start > Programs > Internet Explorer. Your homepage should appear. 12 Applications Dolphin terminals ship with the following Microsoft applications installed: •Calendar (page 12-1) •Contacts (page 12-3) •Tasks (page 12-5) •Notes (page 12-7) •Messaging (page 12-7) •Pocket Internet Explorer (page 12-11) •Pocket Word (page 12-14) •Pocket Excel (page 12-15) •Windows Media Player for Pocket PC (page 12-17) •MSN Messenger (page 12-18) •Pictures (page 12-19) Note:Microsoft® Money, Microsoft® Reader are NOT installed on the Dolphin 7900 when shipped but may be installed from the Microsoft Companion CD. Calendar Use Calendar to schedule appointments, including meetings and other events. You can check your appointments in one of several views (Agenda, Day, Week, Month, and Year) and easily switch views by using the View menu. Note:You can customize the Calendar display, such as changing the first day...


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