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User manual Argosy Research, model Mobile Video HDD

Manafacture: Argosy Research
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manual abstract

When attached to a PC, it operates as a Hi-speed USB 2.0 (or IEEE 1394 external hard disk drive), with a large capacity of disk storage. When attached to an AV device, the Mobile Video HDD lets you browse and playback your entire media library directly to your TV or Home Theater! .. The Mobile Video HDD can play back Mpeg1 (VCD), Mpeg2 (DVD) movie files, MP3 music files, Jpeg photo and graphic files, DivX/Xvid (AVI) and movie files. (GMC and Q-PEL pertaining to DivX and Xvid are not supported.) .. The Mobile Video HDD can play back the media files stored in NTFS and FAT32 hard disk drive formats. .. Supports both NTSC and PAL systems. .. Supports component video output: The Mobile Video HDD incorporates component video jacks (Y/Pb/Pr jacks) which provides higher picture quality. .. Supports progressive scan output. .. Supports Dolby Digital audio output: Provides a COAXIAL jack to output Dolby Digital audio to a Dolby Digital receiver. This unit is not for in car entertainment use. Unstable power or vibration may damage the unit. TV screen does not display normally: Press and hold then press MENU several times until the screen displays correctly. System Requirements .. Desktop or Notebook PC with USB 2.0 port for USB 2.0 connection. .. Desktop or Notebook PC with IEEE 1394 port for IEEE 1394 connection. .. Supports Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows 98SE operating systems. USB 2.0 supports up to 480Mbps data transfer rate, USB 1.1 supports up to 12Mbps data transfer rate. Please check your system configuration and use USB 2.0 connection whenever possible. Introduction How to take and store the remote controller This device is designed with a remote control storage compartment on the bottom. If not in use, have the remote control stored to the compartment to avoid misplacing. Take out the Remote Cntroller Store the Remote Controller ..: Push the bottom of remote forward. ..: With the buttons toward up, insert the top of remote and push it forward. ..: The remote will be released from the stand. ..: Push the bottom of remote to fix it. Using the Remote for the First Time For the first time using the remote, see the figure shown alongside and pull out the tab to enable the battery power of remote Changing the Battery of Remote If the battery runs out, change the battery by the following: 1. Looking at the back of the remote controller, press the tab on the left side with your fingernail... Hold and pull the indentation with your finger.. to take out the old battery. 2. The type of the battery required is [CR2025]. Refer to the illustration below to accurately insert the battery with the positive side facing up – see attached diagram. 3. Place the new battery and make sure it is inserted and seated securely. About the Remote Controller Load the new battery (+ towards up) Take out the battery holder Insert the battery holder Pull out the tab .... .... .... .. Remote receiver : When using the remote, point the remote here. .. Remote indicator (Red) : Blinks 1 time: Received the remote signal. Blinks 3 times: Cannot use media player function, check and make sure the unit is not connected to a PC. No reaction after pressing remote: See [Appendix] – [Troubleshooting] .. Power and access indicator (Blue) : Lights up: The power is on. Blinking: Accessing the data through PC connection. .. Power button : Press this button to power on. Press this button for about 1 second to power off. .. Power connector : Connects to AC adapter. .. IEEE 1394 connector (dual interface model only) : When using IEEE 1394 connection, connect the cable here. .. USB 2.0 connector : When using USB 2.0 connection, connect the cable here. .. Composite AV output connector : Output composite video and audio. A special cable is provided, the colors of the jacks are yellow, red and white. .. Component video output connector : Output component video. A special cable is provided, the colors of the jacks are green, blue and red. .. Coaxial digital audio output connector . SCART video output connector Parts Name and Functions .... .. .. ............ . Installation software Besides being used as a high-speed external hard disk drive to store or access files, this device can also connect to your video equipment to playback all kinds of audio/video file formats. Please read the following sections according to your application. Using as an External Hard Disk for PC Please refer to the following chapters in sequence : Using as a Media Player The Mobile Video HDD does not contain any data when you get this unit. Before using it as a media player, you should connect it to PC and copy the media files you want into it. Please refer to the following chapters in sequence : After copying the media files, read the “Using the AV Playback Function” chapter and do the following in sequence : How to Use the Mobile Video HDD .. P-21 Connecting to PC .. P-22 Access data Installation software .. P-21 Connecting to PC .. P-22 Copy media files .. P-25 Connecting ...


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