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User manual Stiga, model SILEX 500-G

Manafacture: Stiga
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manual abstract

These will provide a reminder of the care and attention that is required during operation. If any symbol is missing, has been damaged or is illegible, it must immediately be replaced with a new one. This is what the symbols mean: Warning! Read the owner’s manual before operating the machine. Warning! Rotating blade. Warning! This symbol highlights important text in these instructions. Risk of serious personal injury or damage to the machine if the instructions are not followed. 2 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 2.1 GENERAL • Read through this instruction book carefully and make sure you understand the contents before using the tiller. • The tiller must only be used for gardening purposes. • Keep children away from the tiller. • Do not allow children or persons who have not read the instructions to handle the tiller. • The tiller is manufactured in accordance with current standards, and must not be modified or rebuilt. • All the symbols on the tiller should be kept intact. • The user is liable for damages incurred by a third party. WARNING for petrol. Petrol is highly inflammable: Petrol must be stored in the requisite containers. • Always fill-up outdoors and with the engine switched off. • Do not smoke when filling-up. • There must be no naked flames or other sources of heat in the vicinity of the petrol. • Do not start the engine if petrol has spilled out. Move the machine and allow the petrol to evaporate before starting the machine. • Screw on the filler cap correctly after filling up. • Set the throttle control in the "Stop" position, and close the petrol cock when the machine has been stopped. • Switch off the engine before transporting the machine. Never lift the machine by yourself. The machine is lifted by two persons, one on each side holding the steering and the rotor axle. Wear protective gloves and hold the machine upright when lifting. • When the machine is loaded on a trailer or tail- board it should be run up on a ramp by using its wheel. 2.2 PREPARATIONS • Before starting work, remove all foreign objects such as stones, glass, cables, metal objects and other loose objects. • Toys, hoses and other objects can be damaged. • Check that the tiller is in good condition before using it. • Check that all nuts and bolts are tightened. 2.3 OPERATING • Always operate the machine at low speed when working on stony ground. • Do not change the engine's speed setting. The engine must not be overspeeded. • The work area should be well illuminated during the work. • The tiller must not be used when other persons, especially children, are in the vicinity. • The tiller must not be used without the splash- guards or protective cover. • The tiller must not be used if the operator is ill, has taken medicine, or is under the influence of other substances which reduce one's reactions. • The tiller must not be used on terrain which slopes more than 20°. • The user is responsible to ensure that all risks in the terrain are taken into consideration, and that procedures are taken to prevent accidents. This particularly applies to sloping, slippery or loose terrain. • Start the engine carefully, according to the instructions in this manual. No parts of the body must come in contact with the rotors. • The engine must never be started in an enclosed area. • The carbon monoxide in the engine's exhaust fumes is poisonous and can cause death. ENGLISH GB ENGLISH GB • Wear tightly fitting clothes and heavy-duty shoes which completely cover the feet. • The tank should only be half full when operating on slopes. Petrol can leak out. • The engine must be stopped in the following circumstances: • When the machine is left unattended • Before the machine is filled up with petrol • Always make sure you have a good footing, especially on slopes. • Check that no one is in front of you or beside you when starting the blades. Keep a steady grip on the steering. The machine will lift when the rotors are started. Use extra caution when backing. • Always keep at a safe distance to the rotors when working. • Holding the steering correctly ensures a safe distance. • No person must come closer than 20 m to the machine when working on slopes. The user must hold the steering firmly with both hands all the time. • Working on stony or hard ground demands extra attention from the operator. The machine becomes more unstable. • Never touch the engine when operating the machine, or just afterwards. Risk for burn injuries. 2.4 AFTER OPERATING • Allow the engine to cool before putting the machine in a storeroom. Fire risk! • Remove dirt and foreign material before putting the machine in a storeroom. The area round the petrol tank and muffler must be kept clean from leaves, oil, petrol or other foreign materials. Fire risk! • If the petrol tank is to be emptied, do this outdoors and when the engine is cold. Fire risk! • The machine should be stored in a dry place. The machine must not stored with fuel in the tank in rooms where there are naked flames, sparks or ot...

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