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User manual Panasonic, model RX-ES20

Manafacture: Panasonic
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manual abstract

2 Press [•MEMORY* *****CLEAR]. 1 Turn [TIME/PRESET TUNE CD SKIP ] to select Repeat step 1 and 2 to program other tracks. 3 Press [¤/g CD] to start play. On the remote control Preparation: Press [ … ] to switch to CD mode. Press [PGM/* *****CLEAR]. 1 “ ” appears on the display. Enter the track number with the numbered but 2 tons. For tracks numbered 10 and over, press [.10] then the two digits. Repeat this step to program other tracks. 3 Press [CD] to start play. The program remains intact even if play is stopped or the unit is turned off. “Cd-P” appears when play is stopped to indicate the contents are in the memory. To cancel Press and hold [•MEMORY – CLEAR] (remote control: [PGM/ * *****CLEAR]) in the stop mode until “CLEAR” is displayed. The mode is also cancelled if the CD tray is opened. “FULL” is displayed If 36 tracks have already been programmed. “– –:– –” is displayed If the total play time of the program exceeds 100 minutes. You can still program and play tracks. A To check the program contents (while “Cd-P” is displayed) Turn [TIME/PRESET TUNE CD SKIP ]. On the remote control Press [S / 4 44444] or [3 33333/ T]. Cassettes ¦ (The unit comes on.) 1 Press [0 DECK] to open the deck. Load a cassette and close the deck by hand. REW71 73 72 TAPE . CD 7A DISPLAY C RESET SLEEP TIMER FADER DISPLAY 2 3 PGM/-CLEAR1 5 6 .104 8 9 07 C RESET RANDOM REPEAT FM MODE/BP PRESET EQ TAPE TUNER CD 71 72 73 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa VOLUME aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Insert the cassette with the exposed tape facing you. Side to be played back facing up DECK abc aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 2 Press [ -TAPE] to start play. 3 Press [+, – VOLUME] to adjust the volume. To stop play: Press [n TAPE/CD]. One touch play (When using AC power) When a cassette is loaded, press [-TAPE]. The unit comes on and play starts. Fast-forward and rewind Press [REW / – / Q] (rewind) or [R / + / FF] (fast-forward). On the remote control Press [REW / –] (rewind) or [+ /FF] (fast-forward). Selection of tapes Use normal position tapes to play correctly. High position and metal position tapes can be played, but the unit will not be able to do full justice to the characteristics of these tapes. Recording Listening Cassette tape care • Tapes exceeding 100 minutes are thin and can break or get caught in the mechanism. • Tape slack can get caught up in the mechanism and should be taken up before the tape is played. • Endless tapes can get caught up in the deck’s moving parts if used incorrectly. Tips on Recording Your attention is drawn to the fact that recording pre-recorded tapes or discs or other published or broadcast material may infringe copyright laws. Use household AC power or new batteries when recording to avoid poor recordings caused by the batteries running down. Televisions can cause interference to recordings made on this unit if the two are too close to each other. Selection of tapes for recording Use normal position tapes. High position and metal position tapes can be used, but the unit will not be able to record or erase them correctly. Volume and sound quality in recording • Recording level is set automatically. • Recording are unaffected by changes to sound quality. To display the tape counter while recording Remote control only Press [DISPLAY]. Each time you press the button in the CD or radio mode: a Present state b Present time c Tape counter A To reset the tape counter Press [C-RESET]. The counter resets to “000”. 13 RQT5189 Normal recording Normal recording Tips on Recording A Erasure prevention The illustration shows how to remove the tabs to prevent recording. To record on the tape again, cover as shown. B Erasing recordings 14 RQT5189 7A To protect tapes against further recording 7B 7271 73777 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 7aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa DECK TAPE . CD Side to be recorded facing up Insert the cassette with the exposed tape facing you. 1327Recording Tab for side “B” Tab for side “A” Side A Normal position tape To re-record AAdhesive tape 1 Insert the cassette with the side to be erased facing up. 2 Press [n TAPE/CD] to switch to TAPE mode. 3 Press [[/ K]. Recording CDs ¦ C Preparation: • Insert a CD (\ page 10). • Wind on the leader tape. Load a cassette with the side for recording facing up and close the deck by hand. 1 Press [0 DECK] to open the deck. Each time you press the button: TAPE - Cd. 2 Press [nTAPE/CD] to switch to CD mode. CD play and recording start at the same time. The cassette stops when the CD finishes. 3 Press [[/ K] to start recording. To stop recording Press [n TAPE/CD]. D To pause recording Press [[/ K]. Press again to resume recording. To continue recording from another CD on the same cassette 1 Press [0 CD] and replace the CD. 2 Press [[/ K]. To record selected tracks 1 Do step 1., then program the tracks (\ page 12). 2 Press [[/ K]. To skip unwanted tracks 1 Press [[/ K] to pause recording (the CD also pauses). 2 Turn [TIME/PRESET TUNE CD SKIP ] so the next track you w...


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