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User manual Gigabyte, model GA-8SIMLH

Manafacture: Gigabyte
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Dev ice like printer can be connected to Parallel port ; mouse and modem etc can be connected to Serial ports. OThis connector supports joy stick, M IDI key board and other relate audio dev ices. • After install onboard audio driv er, y ou may connect speaker to Line Out jack, micro phone to M IC In jack. Dev ice like C D-ROM , w alkman etc can be connected to Line-In jack. GA-8SIMLH Motherboard -14 Step 4-2 : Connectors Introduction 3 17 4 6 13 5 12 11 17 2 14 16 15 10 8 9 1) CPU_FAN 11) F_AUDIO 2) SYS_FAN 12) CD_IN 3) ATX_12V 13) AUX_IN 4) ATX 14) IR 5) IDE1/IDE2 15) F_USB1/F_USB2 6) FDD 16) COMB 7) DIMM_LED 17) CI 8) PWR_LED 9) F_PANEL 10) BAT1 English -15 -Hardw are Installation Process EnglishEnglish 1) CPU_FAN (CPU FAN Connector) • Please note, a proper installation of the C PU cooler is essential to prev ent the C PU from 1 +12V/C ontrol running under abnormal condition or damaged GN D by ov erheating.The C PU fan connector Sense supports M ax . current up to 600 mA. 2) SYS_FAN (System FAN Connector) • This connector allow s y ou to link w ith the cooling fan on the sy stem case to low er the Sense sy stem temperature. +12V/C ontrol 3) ATX_12V ( +12V Power Connector) OThis connector (ATX +12V) supplies the C PU operation v oltage (Vcore). If this " ATX+ 12V conne ctor" is not connected, +12V sy stem cannot boot. GN D 4) ATX (ATX Power) • AC pow er cord should only be connected to y our pow er supply unit after ATX pow er cable and other related dev ices are firmly connected to the mainboard. 3.3V 3.3V GN D 1 GN D +12V 21 43 1 -12V 3.3V GN D GN D PS-ON (Soft On/Off) VC C GN D GN D GN D VC C GN D GN D -5V Pow er Good VC C 5V SB (Stand by +5V) VC C +12V 20 GA-8SIMLH Motherboard -16 5) IDE1/ IDE2 [IDE1 / IDE2 Connector(Primary/Secondary)] • Important N otice: Please connect first harddisk to IDE1 and connect C DROM to IDE2. English 1 1 IDE2 IDE1 6) FDD (Floppy Connector) 1 7) DIMM_LED + - 8) PWR_LED 1 M PD M PD+ • Please connect the floppy driv e ribbon cables to FDD. It supports 360K, 720K, 1.2M , 1.44M and 2.88M by tes floppy disk ty pes. The red stripe of the ribbon cable m ust be the same s ide w ith the Pin1. • Do not remov e memory modules w hile DIM M LED is on. It might cause short or other unex pected damages due to the 2.5V stand by v oltage. Remov e memory modules only w hen AC Pow er cord is disconnected. • PWR_LED is connect w ith the sy stem pow er indicator to indicate w hether the sy stem is on/off. It w ill blink w hen the sy stem enters suspend mode. M PD- If y ou use dual color LED, pow er LED w ill turn to another col or. -17 -Hardw are Installation Process PW+ 9) F_PANEL (2x10 pins Connector) PW SPK+ SPK- English RST RST+ NC 2 20 1 19 1 1 1 11 HD+ MPD+ HD MPD GA-8SIMLH Motherboard -18 • Please connect the pow er LED, PC speaker, reset sw itch andpow er sw itch etc of your chassis front panel to the F_PAN EL connector according to the pin assignment abov e. 10) BAT1 (Battery) CAUTION • Danger of ex plosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. • Replace only w ith the same or equiv alent ty pe recommended by the manufacturer. • Dispose of used batteries according to the manufacturer’s instructions. + H D (IDE H ard Disk Activ e LED) Pin 1: LED anode(+) Pin 2: LED cathode(-) SPK (Speaker C onnector) Pin 1: VC C (+) Pin 2-Pin 3: N C Pin 4: Data(-) RST (Reset Sw itch) Open: N ormal Operation Close: Reset H ardw are Sy stem PW (Soft Pow er C onnector) Open: N ormal Operation Close: Pow er On/Off M PD(M essage LED/Pow er/ Sleep LED) Pin 1: LED anode(+) Pin 2: LED cathode(-) N C N C 11) F_AUDIO (Front Audio Connector) • If y ou w ant to use " Front Audio" English 1 2 GN D REF o (L) o (R) M IC POWER Front Audi Rear Audio (R) Reserv ed Front Audi Rear Audio (L) 9 10 connector, y ou must remov e 5-6, 9-10 Jumper. In order to utilize the front audio header, y our chassis must hav e front audio connector. Also please make sure the pin assigment on the cable is the same as the pin assigment on the M B header. To find out if the chassis y ou are buying support front audio connector, please contact y our dealer. 12) CD_IN (CD Audio Line In) C D-R GN D 1 C D-L 13) AUX_IN (AUX In Connector) AU X-R GN D 1 AU X-L 14) IR (IR Connector) GN D IR Data Output 1 VC C (+5V) IR Data Input • C onnect C D-ROM or DVD-ROM audio out to the connector. • C onnect other dev ice(such as PC I TV Tunner audio out )to the connector. • Be careful with the polarity of the IR connectorw hile y ou connect the IR. Please contact y ou nearest dealer for optional IR dev ice. -19 -Hardw are Installation Process EnglishEnglish 15) F_USB1/F_USB2 (Front USB Connector) • Be careful with the polarity of the front U SB U SB Dy + connector. C heck the pin assignment w hile y ou connect the front U SB cable. Please U SB Ov er C urrent contact y our nearest dealer for optional front U SB cable. GN D GN D U SB Dx - Pow er 1 Pow er U SB Dy - U SB Dx + 16) COMB (COM B Connector)(White) N DSRBN SIN B N C N DC DB N RIB N DTRBN C TSB1 N SOU TB N ...


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