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User manual LG, model N1T1TD1

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29 2-1. If Cannot Set up an Automatic Router (UPnp Setting) When Setting DDNS Setting Port for External Connection (Port Forwarding Setup) ............... 30 2-2. If Cannot Set up an Automatic Router (UPnp Setting) When Setting DDNS Disable Firewall for a Router(DMZ Setup): Setting a Router ..................... 31 1. Package Contents Q3 Thank you for purchasing LG Electronics Network Storage. Before installation, please make sure you have all below. ► Network Storage #LG ¡ * Images or Pictures on the User Guide may differ for different models. 2 2. Names of Product Parts 0= After making sure you have the whole package, please learn the names of different parts. (Front) o ©l\ \ e i A 1 Î> 1 B "ifr- id" •lq flOODOOD 1 / © © © (Back) O ODD Slot hole: This is where you insert the disc. You should insert the disc having the writing side as a data side. * Supporting media are subject to change in accordance with the product. * N1T1 model contains a slot-type DVD drive and does not support Blu-ray media/8cm disc. © Pedestal: You can place a Network Storage mainframe safely. © Back-up button : A button to back-up data of a disc or USB onto NAS. © ODD eject button : A button to eject a disc. e LED panel © Fan © Power button : A button to switch on and off the power supply. % If you shut down LG Network Storage using a button, press on the power button until you hear a buzzer sound. LG Network Storage starts shutting down if you remove your hand after the buzzer beeps, which means the start of shut-down. © Mode changing switch © USB port: USB 2.0 Interface. ® LAN port: This is where you connect a LAN cable.


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