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User manual Scarlett, model SC-291

Manafacture: Scarlett
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With each subsequent button pressing display will show power level: 100P~80P~60P~40P~20P • Turning multifunction knob set treatment duration. • Press ^ button. Pressing times LED display Indication Power level Magnetron 1 100P Maximum Energized all the operation time 2 80 P High power Every 26 seconds stops for 7 seconds 3 60P Medium power Every 20 seconds stops for 13 seconds 4 40 P Medium low power Every 13 seconds stops for 20 seconds 5 20 P Low power Every 7 seconds stops for 26 seconds COOKING INTERRUPTION • This feature is useful for checking a food cooking degree. • Cooking will be stopped while the door is opened. With the closed door treatment will continue. AUTOMATIC COOKING • Power level and treatment duration are pre-set for some food. • Turn multifunctional knob to set suitable mode. • Press ^ button. LED display Indication Auto cooking menu Operation time, min:sec A1 Popcorn (85 g) 2:30 A2 Popcorn (100 g) 2: 40 A3 Pizza 1:00 A4 Beverage (250 ml) 2:20 A5 Beverage (500 ml) 4:40 A6 Potatoes (0,45 kg) 7:12 A7 Potatoes (0,65 kg) 10:12 A8 Fish (0,45 kg) 6:30 DEFROST FUNCTION t • Press button to choose suitable mode: LED display Indication Auto defrosting menu Weight adjustment D1 meat 100 g...2 kg D2 poultry 100 g...3 kg D3 seafood 100 g...900 g • Turn multifunction knob to set food weight. • Press ^ button. GRILL/COMBI @ • Pressing S button select suitable mode. • Turn multifunctional regulator to set treatment duration. • Press ^ button. GRILL/COMBI pressing times Indicator on the LED display Mode Magnetron / Heat element 1 G Grill The heat element will be energized during operation time 2 C1 Combi 1' Magnetron - 10 seconds / Heating element - 23 seconds 3 C2 Combi 2 Magnetron - 18 seconds / Heating element - 15 seconds DELAYED COOKING • Allows to start operating at a pre-set time. • For example, you need to cook by “10:30”: • Set current time and select treatment mode. 5 SC-291 • Press ty button and keep it for 3 seconds. • Set 10 hours with multifunctional regulator. • Press ty button once more. • Set 30 minutes with multifunctional regulator. • Press 1У button once to confirm starting time. • Oven will start operating automatically at 10:30. CHILD-SAFETY LOCK • Use to prevent unsupervised operation of the oven by little children or when you clean the oven. • To set or cancel safety lock, hold down the Ф button for 3 seconds. • After setting the lock, the LED appears “OFF”, and a beep will be sound. All the buttons are de-activated in this mode. • After unlocking, the LED appears “END”. • Press the Ф button to cancel function. NOTE: Cooking times may also vary depending on products shape, cut and arrangement. For best results remove all products from package, place at a shallow container or on a microwave cooking rack. The Glass Turntable must be used at all times. • Cover products with special microwave lids or plastic wrap with one corner folded back to get out excess steam. Lids and glass casseroles are very hot - handle it carefully! • Arrange such products as potatoes, cupcakes etc in a circle with at least 2.5 cm space between for uniform treatment. • Food along the utensil edges heats first, so stir it toward the center. • Do not stack food. Arrange it in a single layer only. Place more thicker pieces closer to dishes edges. • Pierce product shell or skin before cooking to avoid burst. • Reheat only precooked refrigerated food and stir if the amount is large. • POPCORN - When popping popcorn in microwave oven, follow exact guides, given by each Manufacturer for its product and do not leave microwave oven unattended at this time. If corn fails to pop after the suggested time, interrupt cooking. Overcooking could result to fire. CAUTION: Never use a brown paper bags for popping corn or attempt to pop leftover kernels. Do not pop prepackaged popcorn directly on the glass turntable; place the bag on a plate. ATTENTION: Food must be turned over during treatment in microwave oven. • After treatment time is over, the oven will automatically go off and the beep will sound. NOTE: Oven stops operating when the door is opened. CLEANING AND CARE • Before cleaning switch off and unplug the appliance from power supply. • Let the oven cool down completely. • Wipe the control panel, an external, internal surfaces and glass turntable by a damp cloth with warm soapy water and wipe dry. • Do not use aggressive or abrasive materials. • To avoid unpleasant smells out of the chamber make the following operation: in deep utensils, suitable for cooking in the electric oven, add a glass of water with juice of one lemon. Set the timer to 5 minutes, switch mode control to maximum position. After the signal take the utensils out from the chamber and wipe inside walls with a dry cloth. STORAGE • Be sure the appliance is unplugged. • Complete all requirements of chapter “CLEANING AND CARE”. • Keep electric oven w...


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