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User manual Scarlett, model SC-293

Manafacture: Scarlett
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manual abstract

Do not block any openings on the appliance. • For correct operation, the oven must have sufficient airflow. Allow 20 cm free space above the oven, 10 cm back and 5 cm from both sides. MICROWAVE COOKING METHODS • Arrange food carefully. Place thickest areas towards outside of dish. • Watch cooking time. Cook for the shortest amount of time indicated and add more if needed. Food severely overcooked can smoke or ignite. • Cover foods while cooking. Cover prevents spattering and helps to cook food evenly. • Rearrange food such as meatballs halfway through cooking both from the top to the bottom and the center of the dish to the outside. • Round/oval dishes rather than square/oblong ones are recommended, as food in corners tends to overcook. OPERATION • Plug oven to main. • Place food into the oven and close the door. • While any button is pressed, a beep sounds to acknowledge a setting. COOKING INTERRUPTION • This feature is useful for checking a food cooking degree. • Cooking will be stopped while the door is opened. With the closed door treatment will continue. MILTIFUNCTION KNOB • Use to set current clock, time, and treatment mode. • The oven light and cooling fan will come on while the timer is operating and button is pressed. • After a set time is over, display will show “End”, and beeps will sound every 3 minutes until the oven door will opened or any button will pressed. • To interrupt operating press button. CURRENT TIME SETTING • The LED display will flash «88:88» when plugged in power supply and after 3 seconds change to flash, prompting you to set current clock. • The oven clock is of 24h size. • Press Ov button. • Set current hours by turning the multifunction knob (clockwise to increase and vice versa). • Press Ov button once more. • Set current minutes by turning the multifunction knob. • Press Ov button to confirm settings. • Display will show entered time. POWER LEWELS • Guiding by a Table set a power level, pressing button. With each subsequent button pressing display will show power level: 100PD 80PD 60PD 40PD 20P. • Turning multifunction knob set treatment duration. • Press 4 * button. AUTOMATIC COOKING • Power level and treatment duration are pre-set for some food. • Turn multifunctional knob to set suitable mode. • Press-button. LED display Indication Auto cooking menu Operation time, min:sec A1 Popcorn (85 g) 2:30 A2 Popcorn (100 g) 2: 40 A3 Pizza 1:00 A4 Beverage (250 ml) 2:20 A5 Beverage (500 ml) 4:40 A6 Potatoes (0,45 kg) 7:12 A7 Potatoes (0,65 kg) 10:12 A8 Fish (0,45 kg) 6:30 DEFROST FUNCTION $S • Press 41/ button to choose suitable mode: LED display Indication Auto defrosting menu Weight adjustment D1 meat 100 g...2 kg D2 poultry 100 g...3 kg D3 seafood 100 g...900 g • Turn multifunction knob to set food weight. • Press-button. • In the process of defrosting a few short beeps will sound. At this time open the door and turn over, separate or take out the defrosted food. • When cooking time is over, a few short beeps will sound. GRILL/COMBI • Pressing @ ® button select suitable mode. • Turn multifunctional regulator to set treatment duration. • Press-button. GRILL/COMBI pressing times Indicator on the LED display Mode Magnetron / Heat element 1 G Grill The heat element will be energized during operation time 2 C1 Combi 1 Magnetron - 10 seconds / Heating element - 23 seconds 3 C2 Combi 2 Magnetron - 18 seconds / Heating element - 15 seconds DELAYED COOKING • Allows to start operating at a pre-set time. • For example, you need to cook by “10:30”: 5 SC-293 • Set current time and select treatment mode. • Press Оу button and keep it for 3 seconds. • Set 10 hours with multifunctional regulator. • Press Оу button once more. • Set 30 minutes with multifunctional regulator. • Press Оу button once to confirm starting time. • Oven will start operating automatically at 10:30. . To check pre-set time press and release ©button. • To start operating immediately, press button. /Ж\ • To cancel delayed cooking mode press “ button. AUTO REWINDER • After a treatment has completed, a few beeps will sound every 3 minutes until the oven door will opened or any button will pressed. ADDING TREATMENT TIME • If you press START button during operating, treatment time will be prolonged to 10 seconds with each pressing. After 5 minutes total cooking time, every button pressing adds 30 seconds to cooking duration. CHILD-SAFETY LOCK • Use to prevent unsupervised operation of the oven by little children or when you clean the oven. • To set or cancel safety lock, hold down the button for 3 seconds. • After setting the lock, the LED appears “OFF”, and a beep will be sound. All the buttons are de-activated in this mode. • After unlocking, the LED appears “END”. • Press thebutton 3 times to cancel function. • You cannot operate the oven while the child lock is active. NOTE: Cooking times may also vary depend...


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