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User manual Bosch, model HMT35M653B/35

Manafacture: Bosch
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It is best to use a stainless- steel sponge. Do not use oven spray or other aggressive oven cleaners or abrasive materials. Scouring pads, rough sponges and pan cleaners are also unsuitable. These agents scratch the surface. Allow the interior surfaces to dry thoroughly. Door panels Glass cleaner: Clean with a dish cloth. Do not use a glass scraper. Glass cover for the Hot soapy water: cooking compart- Clean with a dish cloth. ment light Door seal Hot soapy water: Do not remove. Clean with a dish cloth; do not scrub. Do not use a metal or glass scraper for cleaning. Accessories Hot soapy water: Soak and clean with a dish cloth or a brush. Malfunction table Malfunctions often have simple explanations. Please refer to the : Risk of electric shock! malfunction table before calling the after-sales service. Incorrect repairs are dangerous. Repairs may only be carried If a meal does not turn out exactly as you wanted, refer to the out by one of our trained after-sales engineers. Tested for you in our cooking studio section, where you will find plenty of cooking tips and tricks. Troubleshooting Problem Possible cause Remedy/ information The appliance does not work Faulty circuit breaker Look in the fuse box to make sure that the fuse for the appliance is OK. Plug not plugged in Plug the plug in Power cut Check whether the kitchen light works. Incorrect operation Disconnect the fuse in the fuse box. Reconnect it after approx. 10 seconds. The appliance is not in operation. The n button was not pressed after the set- Press the n button or switch the appliance off. A cooking time appears in the ting had been made. display. Problem Possible cause Remedy/ information The microwave does not switch The door was not fully closed. Check whether food remains or foreign material on. is trapped in the door. Make sure that the sealing surfaces are clean. Check whether the door seal is twisted. The n button has not been pressed. Press the n button. It takes longer than before for the The microwave power setting is too low. Select a higher power setting. food to heat up. A larger amount than usual has been placed Double the amount = almost double the time in the appliance. The food was colder than usual. Stir or turn the food during cooking An audible signal sounds. The The appliance is in demonstration mode. 1. Press the 2 button. colon in the display flashes. 2. Press and hold the ` button for three seconds. The demonstration mode is deactivated. Error messages You can take remedial action yourself for some error messages. Error message Possible cause Remedy/ Note Error message "Er1", " Er4" , "Er18" or "E305" Technical malfunction. Call the aftersales service. appears in the display. Error message " Er11" appears in the dis- The buttons are dirty or the mechanism Press all the buttons several times. Clean play. " Button jammed" has jammed. the buttons with a dry cloth. Open and close the appliance door. If this does not help, consult the after- sales service. Replacing the oven light bulb It is possible to replace the oven light. Heat-resistant 240 V, 25 W halogen bulbs can be obtained from after-sales service or a specialist retailer. : Risk of electric shock! Never replace the oven light when the appliance is switched on. Pull out the mains plug or switch off the appliance at the circuit breaker in the fuse box. Note: Always remove the new halogen bulb from the packaging using a dry cloth. This increases the service life of the bulb. Method Note: You must remove the whole appliance in order to replace the cooking compartment light. Follow the installation instructions. 1. Unplug the appliance from the mains or switch off the circuit breaker in the fuse box. 2. Open the appliance door. Undo the securing screws on the right and left-hand side of the oven. Follow the installation instructions. 3. Carefully lift out the appliance. 4. Undo the screw from the light cover on the outer left- hand side wall and remove the cover. ( Fig. A) Pull out the halogen light. ( Fig. B) . 5. Insert the new halogen bulb ( Fig. C) 6. Screw the lamp cover in place. Reassemble the appliance in the reverse order. 7. Switch the circuit breaker in the fuse box back on or plug in the mains plug. Replacing the glass cover If the glass cover in the oven is damaged, it must be replaced. You can obtain covers from the after- sales service. Please supply your appliance's E number and FD number. After-sales service Our after-sales service is there for you if your appliance needs to be repaired. We will always find the right solution in order to avoid unnecessary visits from a service technician. E number and FD number When calling us, please give the product number ( E no. ) and the production number (FD no.) so that we can provide you with the correct advice. The rating plate bearing these numbers can be found in the oven. You can make a note of the number of your appliance and the telephone number of the after-sales service in the space below to save ti...

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