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User manual Hobart, model KHM7TAQ5

Manafacture: Hobart
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manual abstract

(skr)(mek) ©2008 KITCHENAID Part No. 8212055 Rev. B UNIT PARTS Variations of Models: KHM7_ _5, 4KHM7_ _5 Illus. Part No. No. DESCRIPTION 8212345 8212055 ♦ 8212348 Literature Use & Care Guide (Trilingual) Repair Parts List Mixer, Complete Beaters, Turbo (Incl. Rt & Lt) ♦ Note: Parts not sold separately. Must be purchased as a complete unit. 1 OPTIONAL PARTS NOT ILLUSTRATED 8212351 Hooks, Dough (Incl. Rt & Lt) 8212341 Rod, Blending 8212340 Whisk FOR ORDERING INFORMATION REFER TO PARTS PRICE LIST 2 8212055...

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