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User manual Hobart, model P660

Manafacture: Hobart
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manual abstract

It has a single speed transmission and features a 2V2 horsepower Hobart-built motor, a #12 attachment hub, and an electro-mechanical timer as standard equipment. A 60 quart stainless steel mixer bowl and a 60 quart burnished aluminum ED style dough arm are furnished with each mixer. Bowl Guard is standard equipment on all P660 models. These mixers can be ordered with deluxe finish, which includes a chrome plated transmission case, base, bowl support, and pedestal. Model P660 Mixer Shipping Weight: 399 kg (880 lb) Net Weight: 387 kg (853 lb) © HOBART CORPORATION, 1995 - 2 - INSTALLATION UNPACKING Immediately after unpacking the mixer, check for possible shipping damage. If this machine is found to be damaged after unpacking, save the packaging material and contact the carrier within 15 days of delivery. Prior to installation, test the electrical service to assure that it agrees with the specifications on the machine data plate. LOCATION Place the mixer in its operating location. There should be adequate space around the mixer for the user to operate the controls and install and remove bowls. The area above the mixer should allow the top cover to be removed for routine maintenance and servicing. Holes are provided in the base for permanent bolting to the floor, although this is not necessary in normal installations. Four plastic plugs are supplied with the mixer to plug these holes if they are not used. Once located, the mixer must be leveled. Remove the top cover screws and the top cover. Place a level on the machined surface of the transmission case (Fig. 1) and slide shims under the legs (base) of the mixer as required to level it front-to-back and side-to-side. Do not replace the too cover until installation is completed. Fig. 1 Check Lubrication Before Use This mixer is shipped with oil in the transmission and planetary. Check oil levels before starting mixer. Refer to LUBRICATION, pages 8 - 9, for applicable lubrication procedures. - 3 - INSTALLATION CODES AND STANDARDS The installation of this appliance must be carried out by a licensed installer and in accordance with the applicable regulations, standards, codes of practice and related publications of the country of destination. ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS WARNING: ELECTRICAL AND GROUNDING CONNECTIONS MUST COMPLY WITH THE APPLICABLE PORTIONS OF RELEVANT ELECTRICAL CODES. WARNING: DISCONNECT ELECTRICAL POWER SUPPLY AND PLACE A TAG AT THE DISCONNECT SWITCH INDICATING THAT YOU ARE WORKING ON THE CIRCUIT. ELECTRICAL DATA Model Volts / Hz / Ph Rated Amps P660 400 / 50 / 3 4 A 26.7 mm hole for installation of electrical conduit is located at the top of the pedestal. Make electrical connections per the wiring diagram located on the inside of the Top Cover. Check Rotation Three-phase machines must be connected so the planetary rotates in the direction of the arrow on the Drip Cup. To check rotation: Set the gear shift lever on 1. Apply power to the mixer and set the Electro-Mechanical Timer on HOLD. With the Bowl Support all the way up, momentarily run the machine by pushing the START and then STOP buttons. If rotation is incorrect, DISCONNECT ELECTRICAL POWER SUPPLY and interchange any two of the incoming power supply leads. - 4 - OPERATION WARNING: MOVING BEATER IN BOWL, KEEP HANDS, CLOTHING, AND UTENSILS OUT WHILE IN OPERATION, DO NOT USE WITHOUT INTERLOCKED GUARD. The P660 mixer is equipped with an Electro-Mechanical Timer Control (described at the bottom of this page). Also, become familiar with the other operating parts (Fig. 2) and their functions, which are referenced throughout the OPERATION section (pages 5 - 8). The Bowl Guard must be in position or the mixer will not operate. Refer to page 7. If the Bowl Support is not all the way up, the mixer will not operate unless the START button is held in. Attachment Bowl Bowl Fig. 2 ELECTRO-MECHANICAL TIMER CONTROLS The START button is used to start the mixer. The STOP button is used to stop the mixer. The TIMER is used in conjunction with the START button for timed mixing operations and will stop the mixer when a preset time has elapsed. Fig. 3 START BUTTON STOP BUTTON PL-52121 I TIMER - 5 - BOWL LIFT The Handwheel is used to raise and lower the bowl on mixers with the standard bowl lift. Turn the Handwheel clockwise to raise the bowl or counterclockwise to lower it. MIXING This section explains operation of the mixer and how to install bowls and agitators. Bowl New mixer bowls and agitators (beaters, whips, and dough arms) should be thoroughly washed with hot water and a mild soap solution, rinsed with either a mild soda or vinegar solution, and thoroughly rinsed with clear water BEFORE being used. The bowl must be installed before the agitator. To install the bowl, fully lower the bowl support. Position the bowl so the alignment bracket on the back of the bowl is under the retainer on the bowl support and the alignment pins on the front of th...


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