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User manual BenQ, model EW2775ZH

Manafacture: BenQ
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manual abstract

BenQ has been dedicated to the design and development of greener product as part of
its aspiration to realize the ideal of the "Bringing Enjoyment 'N Quality to Life" corporate
vision with the ultimate goal to achieve a low-carbon society. Besides meeting
international regulatory requirement and standards pertaining to environmental
management, BenQ has spared no efforts in pushing our initiatives further to
incorporate life cycle design in the aspects of material selection, manufacturing,
packaging, transportation, using and disposal of the products. BenQ ecoFACTS label
lists key eco-friendly design highlights of each product, hoping to ensure that
consumers make informed green choices at purchase. Check out BenQ's CSR Website
at http://csr.BenQ.com/ for more details on BenQ's environmental commitments and


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