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User manual LG, model MDD64K

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> Audio CD only 3 To select CD function, press 4 Press the button on a stop status to move to CD synchronizing mode. > Recording automatically starts 7 seconds later after “CD SYNC” blinks. 5 To stop, press ON UNIT ON REMOTE Recording to TAPE You can record a various sound source to TAPE. ON UNIT ON REMOTE PUSH EJECT OPEN/CLOSE KARAOKE DVD/CD CD SYNC. xZOPEN/CLOSE FUNCTION x1 Open the tape deck. > There are 2 tape decks on the unit, open the second one. 2 Insert a black tape and close the door. 3 Select a mode in which you want to record. 4 Play back a sound source first. 5 Press > The display changed in the following order, “USB REC” <-> “TAPE REC” 6 Press the button once more when “TAPE REC” is displayed. > Recording starts. 7 To stop recording, press PUSH EJECT TUNER/USB/... BREC/PAUSE REC/PAUSE xFUNCTION Bz REC z REC x MDD64-A5U_ENG.indd 18 2009.5.1 12:46:26 PM Karaoke Basic Playback ON REMOTE 1 Check if the system is connected. (Page 4) 2 Turn on the power of TV and unit. 1POWER 3 Open the disc tray and insert supplied karaoke disc. Z OPEN/CLOSE 4 Close the disc tray. Z OPEN/CLOSE 5 To enter to the DVD/CD(karaoke) mode. KARAOKE 6 Connect the microphone to the MIC jacks. 7 Press the melody number you want. If you want to cancel the selected melody number, press the CLEAR. NUMERIC No. 0 ~ 9 8 To start, press ENTER or B PLAY 9 To stop, press x STOP Karaoke Basic Playback - More you can do You can change the key to suit your vocal range with Key Control You can adjust the key to 13 steps (6 steps higher, 6 steps lower and the original key). -The setting appears on the screen. • To flatten the key one by one, press the KEY CON.(b) repeatedly during playback. • To sharp the key one by one, press the KEY CON.(#) repeatedly during playback. -Press TONE CONTROL( ) on remote control repeatedly to change MAN’s or WOMEN’s tone. To change tempo You can use this function when you want to play fast or slow. 1 Press TEMPO + repeatedly during singing to play faster. 2 Press TEMPO -repeatedly during singing to play slower. Shadow Function If KARAOKE CD caption and the song’s subtitle are mixed up, the song’s subtitle may be invisible. In this case, to highlight the song’s subtitle, press SHADOW. -It will be highlighted by background shadow image. MDD64-A5U_ENG.indd 19 To adjust ECHO Volume You can give an echo effect to the sound from the microphones. Press the ECHO VOL. + on the remote control to increase the echo volume or ECHO VOL. -decrease it. (MIN, 1~14, MAX steps) Using Microphone 1 Connect your microphone to the MIC1/ MIC 2 Jacks. “MIC IN” will be shown in the display window. 2 Play the music you want. 3 Sing along with the accompaniment. Adjust the microphone volume by pressing MIC VOL.(+/-) button. Notes: • When not using the microphone, set the MIC VOL.(+/-) button to minimum or turn off the MICs and remove the microphone from the MIC Jacks. • If the microphone is set too near the speaker, a howling sound may be produced. In this case, move the microphone away from the speaker or decrease the sound level by using the MIC VOL.(+/-) button. • If sound through the microphone is extremely loud, it may be distorted. In this case, press the MIC VOL.(+/-) button toward minimum.Reserving the Song ON REMOTE 1 To reserve melody number you want in the karaoke disc play mode, press NUMERIC No. 0 ~ 9 2 To reserve, press The melody number is reserved PROG./MEMO. 3 Repeat steps 1-2. You can reserve at most 8 songs Reserving the Song - More you can do To cancel the reserved song Each time you press CLEAR, the reserved song will be cancelled one by one. To cancel or change the wrong reserved song Press the PROG./MEMO. to move to the desired position, then press the CLEAR to cancel the reserved song. 2009.5.1 12:46:27 PM 20 Karaoke MENU playback - More you can do 1. SETUP Select one you want to activate/deactivate among the following functions. 1. SCORE 2. FANFARE 3. LYRIC 4. CHORUS Select ON/OFF to activate/deactivate. 2. MUSIC LIST You can select a desired song on each music list. 1. LOCAL SONG 2. POP SONG 3. CLASSIC Select one among followings when you selected LOCAL SONG / POP SONG in the previous step. 1. SONG LIST 2. SINGER LIST Select one among followings when you selected CLASSIC LIST in the previous step. 1. CLASSIC LIST 2. COMPOSER LIST Select initial of song title or entire title. 3. RANDOM You can enjoy songs randomly. 4. CHALLENGE You can enjoy a song game dividing by two teams of red team & blue team. Karaoke MENU Playback ON REMOTE 1 To move to the main menu, press MENU The main menu appears on the screen. 2 Select a desired option on the menu. U u I i 3 Adjust the menu settings ENTER or Select a option from the menu. 4 To move the previous mode. O 1 Select . 2 Select . 3 Press . 4 Select number to sing along with the accompaniment. 5 Repeat the step 4. Change the team of red or blue team alternately. 6 When reaching the targeted winning number, will be shown on the TV screen. 7 Whether you keep going the song g...

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