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User manual Alps Electric, model TDGB2 Series

Manafacture: Alps Electric
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manual abstract

(88MHz to 108MHz) □Japan (76MHz to 90MHz) □ Europe (87.5MHz to 108MHz) □ Others ( ) 3 Schedule ES1 ES2 / / Approval P/P M/P / / / for Broadcasting Use Home Use Digital Tuners Digital CATV Tuners Digital BS Tuners Automotive Use Digital Terrestrial Tuners Antennas Home Use FM/AM Tuners FM/AM Tuner for HD Radio™ Broadcasting Automotive Use FM/AM Tuners For customized specifications and details, please contact us. I Product Numbering System T D G □ 1 0 0 1 A 1 Alps control number _f Derivation from prototype in registered order : 1 to 9 Prototype classification in registered order : A to Z (excluding I and O) Product classification T FM tuner unit General term for Digital broadcasting tuner section for Communication Use RF Module for Data Communication Transceiver Units for Cordless Telephones Note ALPS 20...


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