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User manual Martin Audio, model Installed System Digital Management Processor Engineer 418

Manafacture: Martin Audio
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manual abstract

These unique, innovative functions offer solutions to some of the most commonly encountered operational and environmental problems encountered in audio system design. technical specifications INPUTS Four electronically balanced IMPEDANCE > 25K ohms OUTPUTS Eight electronically balanced SOURCE IMPEDANCE < 60 ohms MIN. LOAD 600 ohms MAX. LEVEL +20dBu FREQUENCY RESP + 0.ldB 8Hz - 20kHz DYNAMIC RANGE > ll0dB Unweighted DISTORTION 0.0035% @ 1kHz 0dB INPUT GAIN Adjustable +l2dB to -inf. on 0.25dB steps OUTPUT GAIN Adjustable +l2dB to -inf. on 0.25dB steps PARAMETRIC EQUALISATION FILTERS 8 bands per input, 8 bands per output FILTER TYPES Bell, Lowshelf, Highshelf, Notch, Bandpass FILTER GAIN + l2dB to -45dB in 0.25dB steps FILTER Q/BW User selectable 0.05 to 20 / 20 to 0.05 FREQUENCY RANGE 20Hz - 20kHz HIGH AND LOW PASS FILTERS FILTERS One high and one lowpass for each output FREQUENCY RANGE 20Hz - 20kHz RESPONSE Bessel, Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley l2/l8/24 dB/oct LIMITERS LIMITER THRESHOLD +20dBu to -43dBu ATTACK TIME 0.3 to 45ms RELEASE TIME 4.8 to 720ms BASSCREATOR ALGORITHM PLACEMENT Freely insertable on any output FREQUENCY RANGE Virtual 30Hz to l20Hz PARAMETERS Drive, mix level ENGINEER ALGORITHM PLACEMENT Freely insertable on any input OPERATING RANGE -45dB to +22dB PRESETS PRESET TYPES System, Routing, Noise Emission, Engineer PRESET NUMBER 32 user-accessible presets SECURITY LEVELS 3 security levels with user assignable passwords STORAGE Security settings are stored within the device CONNECTORS INPUTS l2-pin Phoenix plug-in terminal block OUTPUTS 2 x l2-pin Phoenix plug-in terminal block RS-232 9-pin DB9 connector RS485 RJ45 connector POWER 3-pin IEC POWER 60 to 250V @ 50/60Hz CONSUMPTION 30 Watts SIZE (W) 482mm x (H) 44mm x (D) 25lmm (W) l9ins x (H) l.75ins (lU) x (D) 9.89ins WEIGHT 3.35kg (7.4lbs) Century Point, Halifax Road, Cressex Business Park, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire HPI2 3SL, England. Telephone: +44 (0)1494 535312 Facsimile: +44 (0)1494 438669 E-mail: info@martin-audio.com All information is Copyright © 2008 Martin Audio Ltd. Due to Martin Audio’s policy of continuing improvement, we reserve the right to alter these specifications without prior notice. frtfl MARTIN AUDIO LONDON www.martin-audio.com...


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