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User manual Roland, model E-20

Manafacture: Roland
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manual abstract

is iniendeo to alert the user to she presence ot uninsulated "dangerous voitage' wiihin ihe procuct's er.cscsure (ha! may be at sufficient magnitude 10 constitute a risk of elecsnc shock io persons. The exclamation point within an equitatera! Inangle is intended to alert ¡he user to she presence ol important operating and maintenance (servicing; instructions in !he literature accompanying me product ADVARSEL! Uïhwrribstîeri. Eksaiosionsfare. Ddskrtfring ma bn foretages ai en sagkyrag, og som beskfgveí i seryicemanuâl. INSTRUCTIONS PERTAINÍNG TO A RiSK OF FIRE. ELECTRIC SHOCK OR INJURY TO PERSONS 1 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS L ARMING When using electric products, ease precautions should always be followed, inducing the following;. Asad all the instructions before using me product . To reduce the risk of injur/, close supervision is necessary when a product is used near children. Do r,o! use ¡his product near water- for example, near a baih’uc, wasnbcwl, xiicren sr>k. ;n a wet basement or near a swimming poo, or the ¡ike. ¡ his procuc: should be used oni\ stanc that is tecorr,mended fcv 'fie* with a cart or T.arufscKjre. This product, sitner sione or ¡r¡ combination wi!n sn arnpiilier ar.a neacpr.ores or speakers, may be capable ol producing sound ieve's that ccuid cause piiiiT-.a^ent heating !s uncomfortable. IÍ you experience any hearing loss or ringing in the ears, you should consul' sn audwogist. The product shouid be ¡ocasee so íia! üs location or position does no: integers wilh ¡is proper vartiiation. The product should be- iocatec away from hsal sources suer, as radiators, heat registers or other producís ihai produce heat. The produc! should avo^o u$¡nc ¡rt where ¡t may be sfteciec üy duss The product snouic Oe connected to a power suppiy cr.iy ol she type descnoec tn 'he operating instructions o' as warned on ;he product. 10. The power-suppiy cord at the product should ~x unplugged 'rcm the outlet when left unused for a long period o' time 11. Do not irssc on the power-supply cord. 12. Do nel puli :hs core but held me plug when unpegging. 13. When sessng up with any other :ns!iurr,en;s. the procedure should be toiowea :n accordance wish instruction manual. 14. Care shoulo be la«en so Shat objects do not fall and liquids are no; sc-iied into she enclosure through openings, 15. The proouc: should Ps servicec oy qualified service personnel wr>en ■. A. The cower-supply cord or She piuo nas been damaged; or 6: Ocjscts have ¡alien, or liquid r.as beer spilled into the procuct: or C: The product has seen encased to tarn; or D: The product does no: appear lo operale normally or enhibiis a marked change ;n penor-manca. or c. The product has been dropped, or the enclosure damaged. ■a Do nol attempt lo ser.-sce the product seyone thai desenbsa m the user-maintenance insiiudions Aii other servicing should be referred to quantise sarvice personnel. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS VARNING ! Uihiumbs fieri. txpiosiensrisk. far endasi bvtas av tehflrig servicsiekniker. Se imíruMionef i servicernanualea ADVARSEL! LiShiurTibciten. Fare ícr skspíoíion. Ma bare skiftes sv kvalifisert tekniker som beskrevet i servieerr.anusis.n, VAROITUS Í Lithiumparisto. Rajahoysvaara, Psristor saa vaihtaa asrioasiaan aian Emmcit;mie£. WARNING THIS APPARATUS MUST 3E EARTH GROUNDED, The three conductors of the mains iesd stisched to thus apparatus are identified with color as shown, in the table below, together with, the rr.atcrurg terminal on the UK type power plug. When connecting the rr.ams lesd to a plug, bs sure to connect eech conductor -c the correct terminal, ss indicated. “This instruction applies to the product for United Kingdom," MAINS LEADS plug Canductcr ! Coiar Mark on [he matching tsminj! Live Erown Red or letter L Neutra: Elue Black or Isr.e; H Grounding Grsen- Yellow Green, Green-Yellow, Saner £ or symbol Bsschemigung des HersTellan /Importeurs i! mus heicneinin!. o»3 dei/ijiç.'cai ROLAND SYMTHESiZER E-20 i UfcErsirtstimmijni isn <3în Bestlmmungen ce' A.rtiisbS. Vf g ¡045 / ÎSS4 RADIO AND TSLEVJSIOM tNTgSFSflEMCg Den Deuücnsn Bunaeiposi wuíde aïs inveiiterraringer, flieies Gerstes sngçîïig^ ur.a ai« Berecritigajng rur Lîûerpiuturro der Serie aut cmnaHung cet Besínr.mLngen em^ísumi ~ Roland Corporaíion Osaka / Japan Pléáse read the separate volume "iWlDI”. before reading this owner's manual. Copyright © 1988 by ROLAND CORPORATION Ali rights reserved. No part of this Dublication mav be reoroduced in L ¡E o № 111 mJ 111 R¿7rJJ ¿ton el IX O íirii;' ¡o ! ni o ¡n j[] i n ¡t) :n Ül |n jli U [11 '[) in HI![) 10 II ,n :i) i o HI ; t) i l¡¡ lüí!l |n l{] o ¡n in o' n •íi'lllioju i° !f ¡n / 11.0 0.111 E!1É; lO- ! ![) *0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ■0 0 D 0 0 0 0 D 0 0 0 Hl ■0 ÍJ 0 n 0 u ■D 0 D D 0 0 0 io i rifCi] ' iiiírrmrr Raíalo -O in o, lü iu íí (...


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