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User manual Black & Decker, model FSCP200

Manafacture: Black & Decker
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10 641915-00,FSCP200 Compressor 3/14/06 7:31 AM Page 11 OPERATION Know Your Air Compressor READ THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL AND SAFETY RULES BEFORE OPERATING YOUR UNIT. Compare the illustrations with your unit to familiarize yourself with the location of various controls and adjustments. Save this manual for future reference. Description of Operation Become familiar with these controls before operating the unit. Auto/On/Off Switch: Set switch in AUTO/ON position to provide automatic power to the pressure switch and OFF to remove power at the end of each use. Pressure Switch (not shown): The pressure switch automatically starts the motor when the air tank pressure drops below the factory set "cut-in" pressure. It stops the motor when the air tank pressure reaches the factory set "cutout" pressure. Safety Valve: If the pressure switch Tank Pressure Gauge Outlet Pressure Gauge Regulator Safety Valve Auto/On/Off Switch does not shut off the air compressor at its "cut-out" pressure setting, the safety valve will protect against high pressure by "popping out" at its factory set pressure (slightly higher than the pressure switch "cut-out" setting). Outlet Pressure Gauge: The outlet pressure gauge indicates the air pressure available at the outlet side of the regulator. This pressure is controlled by the regulator and is always less than or equal to the tank pressure. Tank Pressure Gauge: The tank pressure gauge indicates the reserve air pressure in the tank. Regulator: Controls the air pressure shown on the outlet pressure gauge. Turn the knob clockwise to increase pressure and counterclockwise to decrease pressure. Drain Valve: The drain valve is located at the base of the air tank and is used to drain condensation at the end of each use. Cooling System (not shown): This compressor contains an advanced design cooling system. At the heart of this cooling system is an engineered fan. It is perfectly normal for this fan to blow air through the vent holes in large amounts. You know Drain Valve that the cooling system is working when air is being expelled. Air Compressor Pump (not shown): Compresses air into the air tank. Working air is not available until the compressor has raised the air tank pressure above that required at the air outlet. Check Valve (not shown): When the air compressor is operating, the check valve is "open", allowing compressed air to enter the air tank. When the air compressor reaches "cut-out" pressure, the check valve "closes", allowing air pressure to remain inside the air tank. Motor Overload Protector (not shown): The motor has an automatic reset thermal overload protector. If the motor overheats for any reason, the overload protector will shut off the motor. The motor must be allowed to cool down before restarting. The compressor will automatically restart after the motor cools. The motor will automatically restart without warning if plugged in electrical outlet and "Auto/On/Off" switch is in the "AUTO/ON" position. 11 641915-00,FSCP200 Compressor 3/14/06 7:31 AM Page 12 How to Use Your Unit How to Stop: 1. Set the Auto/On/Off switch to "OFF". Before Starting Break-in Procedure Serious damage may result if the following break-in instructions are not closely followed. This procedure is required before the air compressor is put into service and when the check valve or a complete compressor pump has been replaced. 1. Make sure the Auto/On/Off switch is in the "OFF" position. 2. Plug the power cord into the correct branch circuit receptacle. (Refer to Voltage and Circuit Protection paragraph in the Installation section of this manual.) 3. Open the drain valve fully (counterclockwise) to permit air to escape and prevent air pressure build up in the air tank during the break-in period. 4. Set the Auto/On/Off switch to "AUTO/ON" position. The compressor will start. 5. Run the compressor for 5 minutes. Make sure the drain valve is open and there is minimal air pressure build-up in tank. 6. After 5 minutes, close the drain valve (clockwise). The air receiver will fill to "cutout" pressure and the motor will stop. The compressor is now ready for use. Before Each Start-Up: 1. Set Auto/On/Off switch to "OFF". 2. Turn regulator knob counterclockwise until it stops. 3. Attach hose and accessories. Too much air pressure causes a hazardous risk of bursting. Check the manufacturer’s maximum pressure rating for air tools and accessories. The regulator outlet pressure must never exceed the maximum pressure rating. How to Start: 1. Set the Auto/On/Off switch to "AUTO/ON" and allow tank pressure to build. Motor will stop when tank pressure reaches "cut-out" pressure. 2. Turn regulator knob clockwise until desired pressure is reached. The compressor is ready for use. NOTE: Always operate the air compressor in well-ventilated areas free of gasoline or other combustible vapors. If the compressor is being used to operate a sprayer DO NOT place near the spray area. 12 641915-00,FSCP200 Compressor 3/14/06 7:31 AM Page 1...

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