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User manual TekNmotion, model Pulsar SX

Manafacture: TekNmotion
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manual abstract

To start, the Pulsar SX sports both Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound and Stereo audio output which you can change with a flick of a switch! The list of useful features is robust all the way down to an elegantly simple detachable microphone. With the Pulsar SX, your game audio not only sounds great, it feels great too due to “Sonic Force Feedback” vibration effects. This gives the gamer a realistic and uncompromised audio experience. In addition you get an awesome pulsating light show on each ear cup based on the intensity of your game action. The dynamic variety of lights not only look cool they let your friends know you are in the middle of an intense firefight! Pulsar SX Features Include: • USB or Standard Mini-Jack connectors. • Dynamic Master Control box with Master-Mode and Sub-Mode switches. • Detachable, Full Duplex Microphone with Mute button. • Vibration intensity adjustment control. • Sound volume adjustment control. • Fully Adjustable Headband with Padded Leather Cushion. • Soft & Comfortable Full-Surface Ear Cups. • External Battery Pack to power your lights and vibration away from the computer. As versatile and feature packed as the Pulsar SX is, you can also listen to your iPod or other MP3 audio device in beautiful stereophonic sound. As you would expect, Pulsar SX is both Windows XP and Vista compatible. Vendor# UPC Description Dimensions Case Wt. MSRP TM-GHV1000B 0-94922 62688-2 Pulsar SX Gaming Headset 18 X 12 X 22 20 pcs 34 lbs $59.99 TekNmotion 11 Rancho Circle, Lake Forest, CA 92630 Phone: (949) 609-1677 (877) 599-7378 Experience the Best in Gaming Sound! Get your Pulsar SX Headphones Today!...


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