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User manual Sony, model VPCS13V9E_B

Manafacture: Sony
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Restoring your data using a restore point A restore point enables you to restore your computer system files to the previous state when the restore point was created. Typically, a restore point is created automatically, for example when you install a software driver. However, we recommend that you create the restore point manually on the Control Panel window before installing any software or software drivers on your computer. Backing up and Troubleshooting To restore system files using the restore point when you cannot start Windows 1 Follow steps 1 to 3 in "To recover from Recovery Media" of Recovering your computer on the front side. 2 Press the .or . key to select Windows RE and press the Enter key. 3 Select a keyboard layout and click Next. If the appropriate keyboard layout is not selected, you may not be able to enter the password correctly. 4 Select your operating system and click Next. Back up your files with Rescue Data if you have changed the files after you backed up them using the Windows backup feature. 5 Click System Restore. The System Restore window appears. 6 In the Recovery window, click Open System Restore. 7 If the Choose a different restore point option is displayed in the System Restore window, select it and click Next. If not, click Next. 8 Select a restore point and click Next. 9 Click Finish to confirm the restore point. Restart your computer if the window prompts you to restart the computer. If you have any problem operating your computer Try these suggestions before contacting an authorized Sony service/support center or your local Sony dealer directly. . Read the troubleshooting information in this section or the on-screen User Guide. . Launch VAIO Care and perform necessary operations. . Visit the VAIO online support web site. Recovery problems I cannot recover from the recovery area Recover your computer from Recovery Media if you have used software to modify the recovery area, installed a different operating system from the preinstalled one, or formatted the built-in storage device without using VAIO Care Rescue. I cannot create Recovery Media . Try the suggestions below: 1 Restart your computer. And then, try to create Recovery Media again. 2 Download and install the latest updates using VAIO Update. . Try other reliable discs. I cannot complete the recovery process . Disconnect all unnecessary external devices from your computer. . Try the suggestions below: 1 If you are trying to recover your computer from Recovery Media, check the media for dirt or damage. If the media are not clean, clean them and try recovering the computer again. 2 Recover your computer from the recovery area or the Recovery Media. 3 If the problem persists, visit the VAIO online support web site for further assistance. Common problems My computer does not start . Make sure your computer is securely plugged into a power source and turned on and the power indicator light is lit. . Make sure the battery pack is installed properly and charged. . ...

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