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User manual Acer, model Extensa 2540

Manafacture: Acer
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manual abstract

EN 62623:2013 — Desktop and notebook
computers — Measurement of energy
Description of how off mode was selected consumption:
or programmed
5.2. Test setup;
5.3.2. Measuring off mode.
Sequence of events required to reach the Requirements Product Specification for
mode where the equipment automatically Computers, Eligibility Criteria Version 6.0,
changes to sleep mode
Rev. Oct-2013:
1.D.4 Sleep Mode.
Sequence of events required to reach the
mode where the equipment automatically Not applicable
changes to off mode
The duration of idle state condition before
the computer automatically reaches sleep
mode, or another condition which does
30 minutes
not exceed the applicable power demand
requirements for sleep mode
The length of time after a period of user
inactivity in which the computer
automatically reaches a power mode that 30 minutes
has a lower power demand requirement
than sleep mode
The length of time before the display
sleep mode is set to activate after user
10 minutes
User information on the energy-saving
potential of power management
User information on how to enable the
power management functionality
Test parameter for ambient temperature
25 ℃
Test parameter for test voltage
230 V
Test parameter for frequency
50 Hz
Test parameter for total harmonic
3 %
distortion of the electricity supply system



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