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User manual Leica, model Geovid 10x42 BRF

Manafacture: Leica
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manual abstract

More detailed information is available on the internet or from your authorized dealer. > Leica Digital Cameras > Leica Projectors Trademark of the Leica Camera Group “Leica” and product names = ® Registered trademarks © 2005 Leica Camera AG All rights to change construction, design and range reserved Concept and Design : Heine/Lenz/Zizka, Frankfurt am Main Image indication : Product photography : Tom Vack Editorial contribution : Lori L. Fujimoto, Education Manager Ted Floyd, Editor of Birding David Mizrahi, Ph.D., Vice-President for Research New Jersey Audubon Society Jeff Bouton, Leica Camera USA Nature photography : Franz Bagyi Luis Castaneda Roger Garwood Jorg Konrad Hermann Netz Norbert Rosing Oliver Richter Wolfgang FF Secker Dick Forsman Sven Sturm Boris Bender Jeff Bouton Brochure order number : German 91150, English 91151, French 91152 Bee-eater / Merops apiaster Black-winged Stilt / Himantopus himantopus 2 / 3 See more It is our eyes that guide us through the world. They shape our perception of our surroundings and all we encounter. Leica has long since dedicated itself to the field of optical perception, developing instruments to heighten this sense and increase ones enjoyment of it. The famous cameras and lenses, as well as the high quality class of sport optics products, to which belong the high performance binoculars, spotting scopes, and laser rangefinders are all part of Leica’s legacy in optics. They open new dimensions of optical performance and go beyond natural limitations, while at the same time ensuring unmistakable Leica quality. Our engineers and developers thrive on the challenge put forth by people with the highest standards and expectations in optical performance. As multi-faceted as their applications, so too are the methods used to create sport optics products that display images rich in contrast and with outstanding color rendition. Glass containing fluorite or those with corrected spectral dispersion, aspherical and achromatic lenses, as well as modern multi-layer coatings like HDC™ and HighLux-System HLS™ allow for unforgettable viewing experiences. Through our high standards, knowledge, and dedication we create optical masterpieces, which become the benchmark of their class. Yellow Wagtail / Motacilla flava Experience Nature Nature constantly challenges those wishing to brave it. These free spirits are out to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors and to find that unforgettable moment, which only nature can provide. Nature is their passion. They know best of all how difficult it can be to identify that rarest of birds under the most trying conditions. Our quest is to bring enthusiasts closer to nature, and coupled with our Leica expertise, make our optical instruments the ideal field companions. Even under the most grueling conditions, such as extreme temperature changes and constant physical abuse, our products exceed expectations. The reason for this being that Leica binoculars, spotting scopes, and laser rangefinders are the result of many years of experience, uncompromising quality standards and a continuing dedication to excellence. Leica’s product development is driven by international “Innovation Teams” comprised of experts and users. This approach has resulted in numerous patents, e. g. the multifunction center drive of our full-size binoculars, the dual-focusing device of our spotting scopes and our unique laser rangefinding technology. Observe and preserve We see it as our duty to protect the environment. Therefore, Leica only uses environmentally friendly materials and technology. As such, all glass is lead- and arsenic-free, and has been so for years. Leica is also active worldwide in protecting endangered species and conserving crucial habitat. Spanish Imperial Eagle / Tringa totanus Supporting young birders Young birders everywhere are often isolated from their peers, watching and studying birds all by themselves. So how do you inspire and encourage students from across the continent to discover birding, to get out into the field and improve their birding proficiency and enjoyment, and at the same time connect with other young birders ? The YBY contest was begun in 1997 with a firm commitment from the ABA Education Program to encourage more young people to become interested in birding and encourage young birders to enhance their entire birding experience, with an emphasis on the development of good field skills. Leica Camera Inc stepped up as the principal sponsor of this exciting new event, with superior optics prizes and a generous scholarship to a youth birding camp for the winners. The YBY has evolved from that first venture, and now consists of four individual modules : field notebook, writing, photography, and illustration. Participants can customize the contest to reflect their own ornithological interests and the aspects of birding that they find the most compelling by participating in just one or all four of the modules. To qualify for overall YBY, particip...


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