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User manual Sony, model MZ-E40

Manafacture: Sony
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manual abstract

• Display on the player – You can see play modes and battery condition. And you can see the disc name and the track name if the MD is labeled. • Monaural playback – You can play the MD that is recorded with monaural sound. Playing an MD right away! Prepare two size AA(R6) alkaline batteries to play an MD. You can also use this player on house current or rechargeable batteries with optional accessories (see "Power sources"). The player automatically switches to play the stereo or monaural sound according to the recorded sound. 1 Install the batteries. 1Open the lid. 2Install two size AA (LR6) alkaline batteries (not supplied), and close the lid. The battery life is approx. 4 hours (It may be shorter due to operating conditions and the temperature of the location.) Insert an MD. 2 1Slide OPEN and open the lid. VOLUME +/– 1 Press (. The player starts to play the first track. 2 Press VOLUMEE+/– to adjust the volume. You can check the volume in the display. To Press Find the beginning of the current track = Find the beginning of the next track + Go backwards while playing keep pressing =side Go forward while playing keep pressing + side Stop play pSTOP/CHARGE Remove the MD pSTOP/CHARGE and open the lid.1) If the play does not start Make sure the player is not locked. See "To lock the controls." 2Insert an MD with the label side facing up, and press the lid down to close. Play an MD. 3 Display window while playing back Track name2) or elapsed time of the track being played Track number 1) Once you open the lid, the point to start play will change to the beginning of the first track. 2) Appears only with MDs that have been electronically labeled. zVarious ways of playback Playing tracks repeatedly You can play tracks repeatedly in three ways- all repeat, single repeat, and shuffle repeat. PLAY MODE Press PLAY MODE while the player is playing an MD. Each time you press PLAY MODE, the play mode indication changes as follows. Play mode indication SHUF ”(none)” (normal play) Z All the tracks are played once. . ”f” (all repeat) All the tracks are played repeatedly. . ”f1” (single repeat) A single track is played repeatedly. . ”f SHUF” (shuffle repeat) All the tracks are played repeatedly in random order. Tips on playback To know the track name and time Press DISPLAY while the player is playing an MD. Each time you press DISPLAY, the display changes as follows. DISPLAY Track number Elapsed time Track number Number of the Track name track recorded on the MD. 1SHUF To lock the controls To prevent the buttons from being accidentally operated when you carry the player, use this function. HOLD Slide HOLD in the direction of the c. On the player, slide HOLD to lock the controls of the player. To emphasize bass (MEGA BASS feature) The MEGA BASS feature intensifies low frequency sound for richer quality audio reproduction. MEGA BASS Slide MEGA BASS. Choose 1 (slight effect) or 2E(strong effect). To cancel the effect, set MEGA BASS to 0. Note If the sound is distorted when emphasizing bass, turn down the volume. To protect your hearing (AVLS) The AVLS (Automatic Volume Limiter System) function keeps down the maximum volume to prevent excessive sound from harming your ears. AVLS Set AVLS to LIMIT. The volume is kept at a moderate level, evenif you try to turn the volume above thelimited level. Disc name Note Disc and track names appear only with MDs that have been electronically labeled. zPower sources You can use the player on house current, dry batteries, a nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery. Using on house current To use your player on house current, connect the AC power adaptor AC-E45HG (not supplied). to wall outlet to DC INE4.5 V AC power adaptor (not supplied) Using on a nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery Before using the rechargeable battery BPDM20 (not supplied) for the first time, charge it with the AC power adaptor AC-E45HG (not supplied). 1 Connect the AC power adaptor. to wall outlet to DC INE4.5 V AC power adaptor (not supplied) 2 Insert the rechargeable battery, and close the lid. The projection on the battery comes on the right. 3 Press pSTOP/CHARGE on the player. "Charge" flashes and the battery indication appears in the display and charging starts. When charging is completed, "Charge" and the battery indication go out. A completely discharged battery takes about 3 hours to charge fully. To stop charging before the battery is fully charged, press pSTOP/CHARGE. 4 Disconnect the AC power adaptor. As long as the player is connected to the AC power, the power will be supplied from the AC source instead of the battery. When to replace or charge the batteries You can check the battery condition with the battery indication displayed while using the player. B Used batteries v b Weak batteries. Replace all the batteries v n The batteries have gone out.“LoBATT” flashes in the display, and the power goes off. Notes · Charging time may vary depending on the battery condition. · When you use the battery for the ...


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