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User manual Bosch, model SGS3312EU/17

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It is recommended to use washing powder for these programmes. When you select the INTENSIVE programme, tip an extra 10–15 ml of detergent onto the inside surface of the door. en Reduce costs! If you are using the upper rack only, or if your dishes are only moderately dirty, it will normally suffice to employ a reduced amount of detergent than otherwise recommended. Close the lid on the detergent compartment. Press down the lid (1) until it clicks shut (2). If you are using detergent in tablet form, read the manufacturer’s recommendations on the packaging in order to determine where the tablets should be placed inside the dishwasher (e.g. in cutlery basket, detergent compartment, etc.). Make sure that the lid on the detergent compartment is closed, even if you are using tablets. CAUTION IMPORTANT NOTE ON THE USE OF COMBINED CLEANING PRODUCTS Please note the following when using ”combined cleaning products” which eliminate the need for a rinsing agent or salt, for example: Some products with a built-in rinsing agent are only used to their full effect in certain programmes. This type of product does not generally produce the desired effect with automatic programmes. Products which eliminate the need for regeneration salt can only be used within a certain water hardness range. If you wish to use these combined products, please read the instructions carefully and heed any notes on the packaging. Contact the manufacturer of the cleaning agent if you have any questions, particularly if: the crockery is very wet once the programme has finished. limescale deposits are formed. Any problems which arise as a direct result of the use of these products are not covered by our warranty. en Programme overview This overview lists the max. possible number of programmes. The programmes supplied with your appliance are indicated on the fascia. Type of crockery e.g.china, pots/pans, cutlery, glasses, etc. Type of food remains Amount of food remains Condition of food remains Wash programme Programme sequence Programme selection The most appropriate programme can be identified by comparing the type of crockery, cutlery, etc., as well as the amount and condition of food remains, with the details contained in the programme overview. Non- delicate Mixed Delicate Mixed Soups, casseroles, sauces, potatoes, pasta, rice, eggs, roast or fried food Soups, potatoes, pasta, rice, eggs, roast or fried food Coffee, cakes, milk, sausage, cold drinks, salads Rinse off if the dishes have been stacked for several days in the dishwasher prior to washing. a lot a little very little stuck on hard loosely attached Normal 65° Intesive 70° DryingEco 50° Quick 35° Pre-rinse Rinse-aid 70° Drying Drying Rinse-aid 70° Main rinse Main rinse Rinse-aid 55° Wash 35° Rinse-aid 65° Wash 50° Pre-rinse Gentle 40° Pre-rinse Wash 40° Main rinse Rinse-aid 55° Drying Second rinse First rinse Wash 65° Pre-rinse Pre-rinse Third rinse Pre-rinse 50° Wash 70° First rinse Second rinse Reduce costs! If only a small number of dishes have been loaded into the dishwasher, selecting a programme that operates at the next lowest temperature will usually suffice. en Programme specifications The programme specifications can be found in the summary of instructions. Programme specifications refer to normal conditions. Greater deviations may occur due to: varying amounts of dishes water supply temperature water pipe pressure ambient temperature mains voltage tolerances and the tolerances specific to the appliance (e.g. temperature, amount of water, etc.) The water consumption values refer to a set water hardness value of 2. Washing dishes Switching on the appliance and selecting the programme Turn on the tap fully. Rotate the programme selector 1 to the desired programme. The appliance is now switched on and the Standby indicator 4 lights up. You can now start the programme. Starting the programme Press the START/STOP button 8 . The Standby indicator 4 goes out and the Programme progress indicator 5 lights up. The programme is executed. End of programme The programme ends when the Programme progress indicator 5 has gone out and the End-of-programme indicator 6 illuminates. When the programme ends, the ”Top basket washing” function is de-activated if required (only some models). Several minutes after the programme has ended: Open the appliance door. Wait until the dishes have cooled down and then remove. When the programme has ended, you can either switch off the appliance or restart it with the same or another programme. Switching off the appliance Several minutes after the programme has ended, rotate the programme selector 1 to the OFF position. Close the tap (not applicable if Aquastop fitted). en Interrupting the programme Press the START/STOP button 8 . The Programme progress indicator 5 flashes, i.e. the programme has been interrupted. You can now open the appliance door to add more dishes, for example. As soon as the door is closed, the programme continues automatically. If there ...

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