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User manual Bosch, model SGS43C12GB/08

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Otherwise, the door may jump open due to expansion. If you did not open the door, press the START/STOP button 8 to continue the programme. When the door is closed, the programme can be interrupted for a maximum 9 hours. Then the programme continues automatically. Terminating the programme Press the START/STOP button 8 for approx. 3 seconds. The programme progress indicator 5 goes out. The programme is terminated. If required, the ”Top basket washing” or ”Timer programming” function (only some models) is also de-activated. The End-of-programme indicator 6 flashes for approx. 1 minute and the water is drained at the same time. In order not to terminate the pumping process, you should leave all settings unchanged and the door closed while the indicator is flashing. When the pumping process has ended, the End-of-programme indicator goes out and the Standby indicator lights up. You can now restart or switch off the appliance. 64 Changing the programme You can change the programme at any time (except in the drying section of the programme) simply by rotating the programme selector 1 . Sections of the previous programme (e.g. cleaning) which have already begun end before the new programme continues with the next sections. If the timer programming has been activated (only some models), the time continues counting down unchanged. en Additional functions * * on applicable models Top basket washing* Use this function only if you have to wash a few dishes. This will save you energy and water. Load the top basket only, the bottom basket must be empty. Add slightly less detergent than is recommended for a full load. Select the programme and switch on ”Top basket washing” by pressing the button 11 . The associated indicator lights up. ”Top basket washing” is switched off by pressing the button 11 again or when the programme ends or is terminated. ”Top basket washing” can be switched on and off at any time, even while a programme is running. Timer programming* You can delay the start of the programme by 3 or 9 hours. Select a programme. Press the Timer programming button 9 once (3 hours) or twice (9 hours). Several seconds after the time has been set or after pressing the START/STOP button 8 , the time begins to count down; the corresponding time is displayed until the programme starts. After 6 hours the 9-hour indicator changes to the 3-hour indicator. When the set time has elapsed, the programme starts automatically. To interrupt the count-down, press the START/STOP button 8 . To continue the count-down, press this button again. If the appliance door is opened, the count-down is not interrupted. To cancel the timer programming, press the Timer programming button 9 until none of the time indicators is illuminated. The selected programme then starts a few seconds later. Note If the power supply is disconnected while the appliance is operating, e.g. by switching off the appliance or due to a power failure, all settings remain stored. Operation continues automatically as soon as the power supply is restored. en Maintenance and care You can help prevent faults by checking and maintaining your appliance regularly. This will save time and reduce problems. Therefore you should occasionally examine the inside of your dishwasher. Overall condition of the appliance Check the rinsing compartment for grease and limescale deposits. If you find any deposits: Fill the detergent dispenser with detergent. Start the empty appliance with the programme which has the highest rinsing temperature. Clean the door seal: Wipe the door seal regularly with a damp clot...

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