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User manual Bosch, model SGS45A02GB/36

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As a result, the water consumption per rinse cycle increases by 0 to maximum 4 litres depending on the water hardness setting. Note If you use the detergent and rinse aid separately or switch from combined detergents to standard cleaning products, ensure that the rinse aid refill indicator has been switched on and the water softening system has been set to the correct water hardness. en Overview of programmes The max. possible number of programmes is illustrated in this overview. The corresponding programmes for your appliance can be found on the fascia. Delicate Mixed Type of food remnants e.g. Amount of food remnants State of food remnant Type of Dishes e.g. porcelain, pans, cutlery, glasses, etc. MixedNon-sensitive Soups, souffles, potatoes, pastries, rice, eggs, fried food Soups, potatoes, pastries, rice, eggs, fried food Coffee, cake, milk, sausage, cold drinks, salads Rinse off if the dishes have been stacked for several days in the dishwash er prior to washing. Large Little Very little Very adhesive Medium Lightly Adhesive Intensive 70. Auto 55-65. Eco 50. Gentle 40. Quick 45. Prerinse Wash programme Programme- sequence Clean 70. Clean 70 Prerinse 40 Inter- mediate rinse Clean 40 Prerinse Clean 45 Dry Clean 55 Clean 55 Dry Clean 65 Clean 50 Prerinse Dry Dry The programme sequence isoptimised and adjusted accordingto the degree of soiling on theutensils. Prerinse Inter- mediate rinse Inter- mediate rinse Inter- mediate rinse Programme selection with the details contained in the The most appropriate programme can be programme overview. identified by comparing the type of crockery, cutlery, etc., as well as the You will find the appropriate programme information in the introduction. amount and condition of food remains, en Washing dishes Reduce costs! If only a small number of dishes have been loaded into the dishwasher, selecting a programme that operates at the next lowest temperature will usually suffice. Programme specifications The programme specifications can be found in the summary of instructions. Programme specifications refer to normal conditions. Greater deviations may occur due to: varying amounts of dishes water supply temperature water pipe pressure ambient temperature mains voltage tolerances and the tolerances specific to the appliance (e.g. temperature, amount of water, etc.) The water consumption values refer to a set water hardness value of 4. Aqua sensor * * on applicable models The Aqua sensor is an optical measuring device which measures the turbidity of the rinsing water. A light barrier can detect dissolved food remnants in the water, e.g. egg, fat and oats. The Aqua sensor is used according to the programme. When the Aqua sensor is active, ”clean” rinsing water may be transferred into the next rinsing bath and/or the temperature adjusted. If the turbidity is greater, the water is drained and is replaced with fresh water. In this way the water consumption is reduced by approx. 4 litres for utensils which are ”less” dirty. Switching the dishwasher ON Turn on the tap. Set main switch 1 to ON. Indicators light up according to the last programme that was selected. This same programme will run again if no other programme button 9 is pressed. The numerical display 3 shows the expected duration of the programme. The programme starts automatically. Remaining running time display When the appliance has started, the expected programme running time is displayed. The programmed running time is affected by the water temperature, the number of dishes, as well as the degree of soiling. If these conditions are changed, the running time (depending on the selected programme) can vary greatly. As the effect is not detected until a programme is running, the time may be longer or shorter than expected. Time delay * * on applicable models You can delay the start of the programme in 1-hour steps up to 19 hours. Switch on the appliance. Press the timer programming button 4 until the digital display 3 jumps to . Keep pressing the timer programming button until the required time is displayed. To delete the timer programming, keep pressing the button until is displayed. You can change your programme selection at any time until the programme starts. en Switching the dishwasher OFF Several minutes after the programme has ended: Set the main switch 1 to OFF. Turn the water tap off. (Does not apply when Aqua-Sto...

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