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User manual Bosch, model SMV53N30IL/01

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glasses, glasses with metallic appearance and cutlery. No rinse aid added or setting too Add rinse aid and check dosage low. (recommended setting 4-5). Detergent residue in the final Detergent dispenser cover must not be rinse programme section. obstructed by utensils. Detergent dispenser cover Do not place utensils or fragrance dispenser blocked by utensils (cover does in the tablet collecting tray. not open fully). Utensils precleaned too intensely; Do not prerinse utensils. Remove only large sensors therefore decide on food remnants. weak programme sequence. Recommended programme Eco 50° Stubborn soiling cannot be completely removed. Initial or existing, irreversible clouding of glass. Glasses not dishwasher-proof, only suitable for dishwasher. Use dishwasher-proof glasses. Avoid long steam phase (standing time after wash cycle ends). Use wash cycle at lower temperature. Set water softening system according to the water hardness (if required one setting lower). Use detergent with glass protection component. en Fault, what to do? Fault Cause Remedial action Rust spots on the cutlery. Cutlery not adequately rust- resistant. Knife blades are Use corrosion-resistant cutlery. frequently more severely affected. Cutlery will also rust if rusting parts are rinsed at the same time (pan handles, damaged utensil baskets, etc.). Do not wash rusting parts. Salt content in the rinsing water too high, as salt dispenser lock not fastened firmly or salt was spilled while being refilled. Fasten salt dispenser lock firmly or remove spilled salt. The appliance does not start. The mains fuse has tripped. Power cord not inserted. Check mains fuse. Ensure that the power cord is plugged all the way into the back of the appliance and into the socket. Check that the socket functions. The appliance door has not been shut properly. Close the door. Programme starts automatically. You did not wait until programme ended. Perform reset. (See Terminating the programme). The door is difficult to open. Child-proof lock is activated. Deactivate childproof lock. (See instructions for use at the back) Door cannot be closed. Door lock has been activated. Close door with increased force. Door cannot be closed due to installation. Check appliance installation: Door or attached parts must close without obstruction. Cover on the detergent dispenser cannot be closed. Detergent dispenser or cover guide blocked by sticky detergent residue. Remove detergent residue. Detergent residue in the detergent dispenser or in the tablet collecting tray. Spray arms blocked by utensils, therefore detergent is not rinsed out. The detergent dispenser was damp when filled. Ensure that the spray arms can rotate freely. Pour detergent into the dry detergent dispenser only. Fault, what to do? en Fault Cause Remedial action Appliance stops Door not closed properly. Close the door. in the programme or programme is interrupted. Do not place utensils or fragrance dispenser in the tablet collecting tray. Check whether rear panel is being pressed in, e.g. by socket or by hose holder which has not been removed. Top basket presses against inner door and prevents door from being closed securely. Power and/or water supply Restore power and/or water supply. interrupted. Filling valves making Depends on domestic installation, No remedial action possible. striking noises. as appliance is not defective. No effect on appliance function. Knocking or rattling noise. Spray arm strikes the utensils, Position utensils so that the spray arms do utensils not positioned correctly. not strike the utensils. If there is a low load, the water Load the appliance with more utensils jets strike the washing tank or distribute the utensils more evenly directly. in the dishwasher. Light utensils move during Arrange light utensils securely. the wash cycle. Unusual foam formation. Ha ndwash liquid in the rinse aid Immediately refill rinse aid dispenser with dispenser. rinse aid. Rinse aid spilled. Remove rinse aid with a cloth. en Customer service 4 Customer service If you are unable to rectify the fault, please contact your customer service. We always find a suitable solution, even to avoid unnecessary visits by technicians. Contact information for your nearest customer service can be found on the back of these instructions for use or on the enclosed customer service list. When calling, please state the appliance number (E- Nr. = 1) and the production number (FD = 2) which can be found on the rating plate 9: on the appliance door. Rely on the competence of the manufa cturer. Contact us. You can therefore be sure that the repair is carried out by trained service technicians who carry original spare parts for your domestic appliances. 5 Installation and connection The dishwasher must be connected correctly, otherwise it will not function properly. The specifications for the inlet and outlet as well as the electrical connected loads must correspond with the required criteria as specified in the followin...

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