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User manual Brady, model 2034

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At power up or in an idle condition, this value should be in the range of 060 to 065. A reading of 175 is high and could decrease the life of the printhead. An average amount of printing will give readings that range from 070 to 120. Pot -this reading comes from the darkness potentiometer located on the front panel board. It will vary from 000 (darkest) to 255 (lightest). Adjust this value for a midrange value of 128. TOFA -(Top of Form Adjustment) determines where the first position of print begins on the label. RIBN -this value indicates the operation of the ribbon mechanism, this value will vary. RWND -this value indicates the operation of the internal rewind mechanism, this value will vary. Counter Information -is the values and dates of the absolute and resettable counters. Memory Configuration - lists the current size of the 'Internal Module' RAM in 4K byte blocks, and the 'Scalable Fonts' current cache setup for scalable font calculations. Using Your Printer 37 3.3.3 Character Dump Mode After printing the configuration test labels, the Printer will automatically enter the Character Dump Mode. This mode allows the user to input strings of data and compare them with the output data from the Printer. This label can readily uncover a buffer overflow problem identified by large gaps of data in the character string. Figure 3-5 ASCII Character Dump Label 38 Using Your Printer _______________________________________________________________________ Using Your Printer 39 3.4 Factory Default Setup With the Printer OFF, press and hold the FEED, CANCEL, and PAUSE buttons while turning the Printer ON. Continue to hold the buttons until the Ribbon Media LED illuminates a second time. The Printer will now be set to the 'Factory Defaults'. 3.5 Fuse Replacement The Printer uses a 2.0 amp/250V slo-blo fuse, which is located within the voltage selection switch, just below the power switch. · Turn off the Printer and remove the AC power cord. · Insert a flat-bladed screwdriver in the release slot and push out the fuse holder/voltage selector switch. · Replace the fuse with the same type and rating, (250volts, 2Amp, slo-blo). Figure 3-6 Fuse Replacement 40 Using Your Printer ¤ .. Printing Labels 4.0 Introduction This chapter explains how to generate labels using several different methods, and how to print different bar codes. An optional Internal Batch Cartridge is available for generating label formats using the Printer as a stand-alone device. A VT 100 or LINK MCII compatible CRT is required if the optional Internal Batch Cartridge is used to generate labels. The Internal Batch Cartridge Program works much like a PC compatible software package, but uses internal batch modules instead of a hard or floppy disk drive to store and retrieve label formats. Labels can also be generated using RS-232 to a host computer or by using a PC with a compatible labeling software package. This chapter explains some of the basic programming commands that are required when writing programs to generate label formats. NOTE: The programming information contained in this manual is for reference purposes only. Refer to the Programmer's Manual for detailed descriptions and programming formats. Printing Labels 41 4.1 Programming Commands To prompt the Printer for a command sequence, the Printer must first receive a special character called an “attention getter”, which informs the Printer that it is about to receive a command and the type of command it will be. Immediate Commands, System Level Commands, and Font Loading Commands each have their own attention getter. The attention getter character is followed by a "command character" that tells the Printer what action to take. ASCII Char. SOH STX ESC Decimal Value 1 2 27 HEX Value 01 02 1B DOS Prompt Attention Getter For Ctrl A Immediate Commands Ctrl B System Level Commands Crtl [ Bitmapped Font Loading Commands Table 4-1 Attention Getters When the Printer receives an "immediate" command it will stop whatever it is doing and perform that command. Commands of all types must be in the following sequence: 1. Attention Getter 2. Command Character 3. Command Parameters, (if any). Command Printer Command Character Responds? # Y Reset A Y Send ASCII Status String to Host B N Toggle Pause C N Cancel D N SOH Shutdown E Y Send Batch Quantity F Y Send Status Byte Table 4-2 Immediate Commands 42 Printing Labels The System Level Commands are used to create formats, load and store graphic information, and control the Printer. Table 4-3 provides a brief description and format of each System Level Command character. Char Description Format A Set time and date FORMAT: AwmmddyyyyhhMMjjj 16 digits total w mm dd yyyy hh MM jjj = 1 digit week, 1 is Monday = 2 digits for month = 2 digits for day = 4 digits for year = 2 digits for hour (24 hr ft) = 2 digits for minutes = 3 digits for Julian I.D. value a Enable feedback characters Returns decimal 30 after each label and 31 after each batch of labels B Get Printer time an...

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