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User manual Broil King, model TBS-5S

Manafacture: Broil King
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Note: The base is not designed to keep large, deep pots full of food or liquid warm. Suggestions for Use: -Warming tray base is ideal for placing shallow pans right out of the oven to keep foods warm and ready to serve. -Keep entrees warm while preparing other foods or for serving from. CARE AND CLEANING Before initial use and after each subsequent use, Wash removable parts in warm sudsy water, rinse and dry. The clear lids for the TBS-3SP are top-rack dishwasher safe.The most effective and safe way to clean the warming tray base is with a mild detergent and a soft moist cloth. Do not use any scouring agents! DO NOT SUBMERGE THE WARMING TRAY BASE OR LET THE HEAT CONTROL COME IN CONTACT WITH WATER. If there is any food residue remaining on the surface, it should be removed after each use. ...

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