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User manual Bolens, model 501 Series

Manafacture: Bolens
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Extend and retract the wedge fully 10 to 12 complete cycles to remove trapped air in the system (system is “self-bleeding”). FIGURE 10. f. Refill the reservoir to within 1-1/2" to 2" from the top of the tank. Much of the original fluid has been drawn into the cylinder and hoses. Make certain to refill the reservoir, to prevent extreme damage to the hydraulic pump. Failure to refill the tank will void your warranty. 8 NOTE: Some fluid may overflow from the vent plug as the system builds heat and the fluid expands and seeks its own level. A WARNING: Do not operate the log splitter without the proper amount of transmission fluid in the reservoir tank. BEFORE STARTING Before each use, check the following: 1. Place log splitter on a firm, level surface. For vertical operation, pull the locking rod out and pivot it down to release the beam. Place the beam in the vertical position. Lock the beam in the vertical position, by pulling out on the locking rod and pivoting it to the left. See figure 11. 2. Remove the vent plug and check the fluid level. Fluid level should be 1-1/2" to 2" from the top of the tank. IMPORTANT: Reservoir tank must be full as instructed. Low fluid level will damage the pump and void your warranty. FIGURE 11. 3. Lubricate the beam area where splitting wedge will slide with engine oil (DO NOT USE GREASE). Make certain to oil both front and back of the beam face. 4. Fill gasoline tank as instructed in separate engine manual. 5. Attach spark plug wire to spark plug. ro START ENGINE IMPORTANT: Refer to the separate engine manual For detailed starting instructions for your model. 1. Place throttle control lever on the engine in FAST position. 2. Engines with choke lever: Place choke lever in CHOKE position (a warm engine may not require choking). Engines with primer: Prime engine as instructed in separate engine manual. 3. Grasp starter handle and pull rope out slowly until engine reaches start of compression cycle (rope will pull slightly harder at this point). Let the rope rewind slowly. A WARNING: When restarting a warm engine, keep away from muffler and other heated surfaces on the engine. 4. Pull rope with a rapid, continuous, full arm stroke. Keep a firm grip on the starter handle. Let the rope rewind slowly. Do not let starter handle snap back against starter. 5. Repeat preceding instructions 3 and 4 until engine fires. When engine starts, move choke lever halfway between CHOKE and RUN (if so equipped). 6. Move throttle control lever to IDLE position for a few minutes warm-up. 7. Gradually move choke lever to RUN position as engine warms up (if so equipped). NOTE: In order to idle smoothly, a new engine may require 3 to 5 minutes running above slow idle speed. Idle speed has been adjusted to be correct after this break-in period. 8. If weather is cold, run wedge up and down beam 6 to 8 times to circulate the hydraulic fluid, which will warm and thin the fluid. TO STOP ENGINE 1. Move throttle control lever to OFF position. 2. Disconnect spark plug wire from spark plug to prevent accidental starting while equipment is unattended. USING THE LOG SPLITTER Use the log splitter only on a level, hard surface. Never stand beside the splitting wedge when operating the log splitter. Stand behind the reservoir tank when operating the log splitter in the horizontal position; stand in front of the log splitter when operating in the vertical position. See figures 12 and 13. Never attempt to cut a log in half sideways. Always split the log lengthwise. Maximum length of log to be split is 24". A WARNING: Always use the log splitter in the vertical position only when splitting heavy logs. 9 I The control handle has three positions: FORWARD—Push the control handle down for ’ vertical operation, push it forward for horizontal operation—Splitting wedge moves toward the end plate. Control handle will return to neutral posi ion as soon as handle is released. NEUTRAL (Middle position)—Splitting wedge stops in place. REVERSE—Push the control handle upwi.rd for vertical operation, push it toward the rear f :>r horizontal operation—Splitting wedge returns. The control handle will lock in the reverse position, and will return to neutral automatically wh in the reverse stroke is complete. FIGURE 13.—Horizontal Position TO OPERATE LOG SPLITTER: A WARNING: Wear leather work gloves, safety shoes and safety glasses when operating log splitter. Ensure safe footing. 1. Place the log splitter on level dry solid ground. 2. Place the beam in either the horizontal or vertical position and lock in place with the appropriate locking rod. See figure 7 or 11. 3. Place a chock (block) in front and back of both wheels. 4. Set the engine throttle at maximum speed. 5. Place the log against the end plate. Only split wood in the direction of the grain. 6. When necessary to stabilize the log, place your hand only on sides of log, NEVER on the end between the log and splitting wedge. 7. O...

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