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User manual Panasonic, model ES7036

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manual abstract

P006-039_ES7038_36_EU 05.07.26 3:09 ページ6
The battery capacity monitor indi-
Hold the shaver at a right angle (90°)
Cleaning your shaver
direction in fig. 10 (A). Do not move
cates the charge remaining in the
to your skin (see fig. 3). Start out
(see fig. 6)
the brush in the direction in fig. 10
battery in 3 levels “high/mid/low”
shaving by applying gentle pressure
(B), as it will damage the inner blade,
(high/mid/low). The unit can be used
to your face. Stretch your skin with
Warning – To prevent electric
and its cutting performance. Do not
once or twice more after the “low”
your free hand and move the shaver
shock or personal injury, discon-
use the short brush to clean the outer
(low) starts to blink. (Differs depend-
back and forth in the direction of your
nect the power cord from the
ing on the use situation.)
beard. You may gently increase the
shaver before cleaning with water.
amount of pressure as your skin be-
Replacing shaving head
[for ES7036]
comes accustomed to this shaver.
For cleanliness and convenience, we
The charge status lamp will glow
Applying excessive pressure does
recommend that you clean your
It is recommended that you replace
when the shaver is being charged. It
not provide a closer shave.
shaver with water and a liquid hand
the system outer foil at least once a
will blink when the charging is com-
soap. Regular cleaning will keep your
System outer foil
year and the inner blade at least once
pleted (see fig. 2 (D)).
shaver in good condition while pre-
(see fig. 4)
every 2 years to maintain your shav-
You can fully charge the shaver in 1
venting odors or bacteria from devel-
System outer foil has a slit blade (a)
er’s cutting performance.
hour if the low battery indicator blinks
oping, and maintain the cutting per-
between 2 foils (b). They move up
(see fig. 2 (C)).
Replacing the system outer foil
and down independently to follow the
The unit can be used once or twice
With the system outer foil in place,
(see fig. 7)
contours of your face.
more after the low battery indicator
apply some hand soap onto the outer
Squeeze the system outer foil re-
The slit blade catches and cuts
starts to blink.
lease buttons and lift the system
longer and lying hairs easily.
Turn the shaver on and pour some
outer foil upward to remove it. To in-
A full charge will supply enough
For wet shaving
water over the outer foil.
sert the new system outer foil, press
power for approx. 14 shaves (3 min-
After about 10-20 seconds, turn the
down until it snaps into place.
Put a thin layer of shaving foam
utes per shave for a normal beard).
shaver off.
on your face which works as a lu-
Replacing the inner blades
Before travelling, charge it fully for 1
Remove the foil frame and clean
bricator. Shaving foam is the most
(see fig. 8)
hour if you will not be taking the adap-
it with running water.
suitable among many other shav-
Squeeze the foil frame release
tor with you.
Wipe off any moisture from the
ing aids (gel, soap, cream, etc.).
buttons and lift the foil frame
In case your shaver is without charge,
shaver with a dry cloth and remove
Do not put a thick layer of shaving
upward to remove it. Remove the
you may quick charge it for 1 shave
the protective cap to allow the sys-
foam as it may affect shaver’s per-
inner blade one at a time by
in about 5 minutes.
tem outer foil to dry completely.
formance. If the shaving head is
grasping it firmly at both ends
and pulling straight away from
Using your shaver
clogged with foam, simply rinse
Brush cleaning
it under running water.
the shaver.
Squeeze the foil frame release but-
Do not touch the metal parts of inner
Caution – The system outer foil is
tons and lift the foil frame upward to
very thin and can be damaged if
Using the trimmer
remove it (see fig. 8). Remove the in-
handled improperly. Before each
(see fig. 5)
To insert the new inner blade, hold
ner blades one at a time by grasping
use, always check the foil for dam-
Slide the trimmer handle up to open
the blade one at a time at both ends
it firmly at both ends and pulling it
age. To avoid personal injury, do not
the trimmer.
and press downward until it snaps
use if the foil or other parts of the
straight away from the shaver. Clean
Place the trimmer at a right angle to
into the shaver.
shaving head is damaged.
the outer foils, the shaver body and
your skin and move it downward to
the trimmer with the long brush (see
Depress the switch lock button and
trim sideburns.
fig. 9). Clean the inner blades with
slide the On/Off switch upward to turn
the short brush by moving it in the
the shaver on.


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