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User manual Nikon, model Capture NX-D

Manafacture: Nikon
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manual abstract

Page 34 !9 Batch Process Status View batch process status. Page 37 @0 Cancel Batch Process Cancel batch processing. — @1 Filter by Rating/Label Filter images by rating or label. Page 17 @2 Filtering Filter images by rating, label, or camera settings. Page 17 @3 Clear Filtering End filtering and view all images. — Viewing Pictures Filters Image Adjustment Other Features Menu Guide Introduction The Status Bar The Menu Bar View information on the image selected or previewed in the image area. Access image adjustment tools or save images in other formats. q w e r t y qwertyui qFile name The file name. wZoom ratio The zoom ratio at which the preview is currently displayed. eColor space The color space of the image in the preview display. rImage size The size (in pixels) of the image in the preview display. tColor value The color of the pixel under the cursor in the preview and com- bined displays. yPosition in folder The position of the current image and the total number of images in the folder. Click or to view other images. qFile Convert files to other formats, run batch processes, and print and rename files. wEdit Select, copy, paste, and delete images. eView Choose a view mode, adjust zoom, and sort and select images. rImage Straighten, rate, and label images or display a grid or the focus point, shadows, or highlights. tAdjust Copy, paste, save, and load image adjustment settings. yTool Access image adjustment tools. uWindow View and hide palettes. iHelp View online help or the current software version number. Capture NX-D Reference Manual Introduction Viewing Pictures Filters Image Adjustment Other Features Menu Guide Viewing Pictures Capture NX-D offers the following viewing options. Thumbnails At default settings, Capture NX-D lists the images in the current folder as thumbnails. Selected images are highlighted in gray. Thumbnail list Selected image Previews Double-click a thumbnail or select a thumbnail and click the button in the toolbar to display a preview. A Returning to the Thumbnail View To return to the thumbnail view, click the button in the toolbar. A Same Name, Different Extension At default settings, if the folder contains two images with the same file names but different extensions (for example, RAW and JPEG images recorded at image quality settings of “RAW + JPEG”), only the RAW image will be displayed. To view all images, select Tool (or on the Mac, Capture NX-D) > Preferences > Show a NEF/NRW image as separate files. AThumbnail Size Use the slider above the image area to choose the thumbnail size. Slider Capture NX-D Reference Manual Introduction Viewing Pictures Filters Image Adjustment Other Features Menu Guide Thumbnails and Previews Combined To preview the current image with thumbnails above, below, or to one side, click Viewing Pictures A Choosing the Location of the Preview and Thumbnail Palettes The locations of the preview and thumbnail palettes can be selected from the palette menus. the button in the toolbar...


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