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User manual Furuno, model FS-1502

Manafacture: Furuno
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manual abstract

1.02. 0* FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. NISHINOMIYA, JAPAN ©FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. 9-52,Ash i hara-cho, Nishinomiya, Japan 662 Telephone: 0798-65-2111 Telefax: 0798-65-4200 ■Your Local Agent/Dealer All rights reserved. Printed in Japan FIRST EDITION U FEB 1992 JUL. 13, 1998 PUB.No.OME—55480 (TATA) FS-1502 *00080288400* 00080288400 A SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS A WARNING For Operator A DANGER Do not work inside the equipment unless totally familiar with electrical circuits. Hazardous voltage which will cause death or serious injury exists at the following locations: •Transceiver unit • Antenna and antenna coupler (both at TX) HAZARDOUS VOLTAGE is present at this point. ► i o Ass3b£Wessk IffU


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