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User manual Doro, model NEOBIO 25R

Manafacture: Doro
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The answer machine is not answering - Memory may be full. Listen to/delete your messages. - Check that the adapter/phone cord is connected correctly. - Check that the answer machine function is turned on. If the telephone still does not work, contact the place of purchase for service. Don’t forget the receipt or a copy of the invoice. Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) This device meets applicable international safety requirements for exposure to radio waves. This telephone measures 0,04 W/kg (per 10g tissue). The max. limit according to WHO is 2W/kg (per 10g tissue). Declaration of conformity Doro hereby declares that the products Doro NeoBio 10/15r/20/25r conform to the essential requirements and other regulations contained in the directives 1999/5/EC (R&TTE), 2002/95/EC (ROHS). A copy of the manufacturer’s declaration is available at Guarantee This product is guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. If you experience any problems please contact the place of purchase. Proof of purchase is required for any service or support needed during the guarantee period. This guarantee will not apply to a fault caused by an accident or a similar incident or damage, liquid ingress, negligence, abnormal usage, non-maintenance or any other circumstances on the user’s part. Furthermore, this guarantee will not apply to any fault caused by a thunderstorm or any other voltage fluctuations. As a matter of precaution, we recommend disconnecting the device during a thunderstorm. Batteries are consumables and are not included in any guarantee. This guarantee does not apply if other batteries than DORO original batteries have been used. UK If you cannot resolve the fault using the faultfinder section, technical support is available by email: tech@ doro-uk.com -premium rate telephone number: 0905 895 0854, calls cost 50 pence per minute (prices correct at the time of publication). You can also contact us in writing (regarding any Spares or Technical query): Customer Services Doro UK Ltd 1 High Street Chalfont St Peter Buckinghamshire SL9 9QE. Further contact details are available on our website: Australia and New Zealand Products permitted for connection to the telephone network are marked with in Australia and in New Zealand. These marks indicate the products comply with the regulations and can be legally connected in the country of purchase. Customer support AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND DORO Australia Pty Ltd Atlas Gentech(NZ) Ltd PO Box 6760 Private Bag 14927 Baulkham Hills BC NSW 2153 Panmure Australia Auckland New Zealand Consumer Support Consumer Support Ph: Ph: 1300 885 023 Ph: 0900-500-25 (Toll Call) Fax: (02) 8853-8489 Fax: (09) 574-2722 support@doro.com.au support@atlasgentech.co.nz Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) This telephone complies with applicable safety requirements for exposure to radio waves. The mean power of this telephone is not greater than 14 mW. This is below the 20mW limit at which testing is required. REN (RN for New Zealand) The REN (Ringer Equivalence Number) or (RN) is of significance only if you wish to connect more than 1 telephone to your telephone line. A standard telephone line has a maximum REN capacity of 3 (RN of 5). It is possible to connect 3 devices with a REN of 1 (RN of 1) with no degradation to the product’s performance. Exceeding this limit may cause the volume of the ringer in any phone to decrease or not ring at all. ALL PRODUCTS The grant of a Telepermit for any item of terminal equipment indicates only that Telecom has accepted that the item complies with the minimum conditions for connection to its network. It indicates no endorsement of the product by Telecom, nor does it provide any sort of warranty. Above all, it provides no assurance that any item will work correctly in all respects with another item of Telepermitted equipment of a different make or model, nor does it imply that any product is compatible with all of Telecom’s network services. This equipment shall not be set to make automatic calls to the Telecom “111“ Emergency Service. This equipment may not provide for the effective hand-over of a call to another device connected to the same line. This equipment should not be used under any circumstances that may constitute a nuisance to other Telecom Customers. CND PRODUCTS If a charge for local calls is unacceptable, the “DIAL’’ button should NOT be used for local calls. Only the 7 digits of the local number should be dialled from your telephone. DO NOT dial the area code digit or the “0’’ prefix. Francais Raccordement 1. Reliez les cables du bloc d’alimentation et du telephone aux prises murales. 2. Inserez les batteries en respectant la polarite. 3. Chargez le combine, le clavier tourne vers l’exterieur, en continu pendant 24 heures avant la premiere utilisation. 4. Appuyez sur (touche de menu gauche). 5. Atteignez {/} REGL. COMB/HS SETTINGS. 6. Appuyez sur OK (touche de menu gauche). 7. Atteignez LANGUE/L...

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