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User manual GE, model 2-9220

Manafacture: GE
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manual abstract

Reduces High Grade Ten pulses per second condenser mic “hollow Components Desk or Wall Tone/Pulse barrel” sound of Maintain high DTMF Rate Mountable Switchable Dialing flat designs. performance over Eight digits per second • Allows touch-tone and time with high-grade Handy Index of pulse dialing Contoured Earpiece electrolytic capacitors, Make/Break Ratio Memory Numbers • Allows any combination Blocks out long-life micro switches, 61/39 in Base of tone and pulse for distracting noises. polymer cone/sealed access to long distance back speaker element Inter Digit Spacing Lighted Keypad services without added Dust Resistant and long-life keypad 700 msec monthly tone-access Keyboard contacts. Long-Life Lithium line charge For longer life. Number of Digits per Phone Number in Memory Three Emergency #s—9; Additional #s—12 Number of Digits in Redial Memory Capacity • 12 Modular Jack Battery (included) To protect memory during power outage. Two-Tone Ringer For a richer sounding ring. Model 2-9220 Plus Model 2-9221 RJ11C 0 44319 29220 6 0 44319 29221 3 FCC Registered Two-Year Limited Warranty See dealer for complete details. UL Listed Power Source Phone Line and one 3V DC Lithium Battery Model 2-9222 o 4431 Model 2-9223 9 29222 0 0 4431 Model 2-9224 9 29223 7 0 44319 29224 4 Model 2-9226 44! 19 29226 Printedin U.S.A. 1/97. Trademak(s) ® Rsgistsed Marca(s) Registrada(s) ©1997 Thomson Consumer Electronics, Inc. Photos and features subject to change without notice. Illustration of product finish may vary from actual color. Pub. No. 2-9220-26-R1 O THOMSON CONSUMED ELECTRONICS 10330 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46290-1024 044319292213 044319292206 044319292244 044319292237 044319292220 044319292268...


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