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User manual LG, model V-C3055NT

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Please do not use force! ■ Do not vacuum flammable or explosive substances(liquids or gases). ■ Do not vacuum hot ash, embers etc. nor sharp obiects. ■ Do not vacuum water or other liquids. ■ When you vacuum with an attachment appliance that has a rotating brush roller: • do not reach into the running brush roller. WARNING!Should it become necessary to replace the moulded on plug then the detective plug should be destroyed to avoid any possible shock hazard that could occur should such a plug be inserted into a 13 amp socket elsewhere in the house. How to Use Connecting the flexible hose Push the end of the head (1) on the flexible hose (2) into the attachment point on the vacuum cleaner. To remove the flexible hose from the vacuum cleaner, press on the button (3) situated on the head, then pull upwards. Assembling the tubes (depending on model) • Plastic (4) or metal (5) tube. - Fit together the two tubes by twisting slightly. • Telescopic tube (6) - Push spring latch (7) forward. - Pull out tube to required length. - Release spring latch to lock. Using the cleaning head and Accessory Nozzles (depending on model) Fit the large cleaning head onto the end of the tube. • The 2 position head (10) is equipped with a pedal (11) which allows you to alter its position according to the type of floor to be cleaned. Hard floor position(tiles, parquet floors...). Press on the pedal to lower the brush.Carpet or rug position. Press on the pedal to lift the brush up. • If your appliance is equipped with an automatic cleaning head (12) without pedal, it automatically adapts to the type of floor to be cleaned. The accessories compartment contains accessory (13). • Crevice Tool (14) For vacuuming in those normally inaccessible places i.e. reaching cobwebs, or down the side of a sofa! • Upholstery Nozzle (15) For vacuuming uphostery, mattresses, etc. The thread collectors help to pick up the threads and fluff.(option) • Dusting brush (16) For vacuuming picture frames furniture outlines, books and other uneven objects. (option) How to plug in and use Pull out the mains lead to the desired length and plug into the socket. Press button (17) to start the vacuum cleaner. To stop it press the button (17) again. 4 Ie Adjusting the power level (depending on model) • Suction capacity increases steplessly up to MAX.(19) • The flexible hose handle (20) has a manual air flow regulator (21) which allows you to briefly reduce the suction level. Carrying and storage When you have switched off and unplugged the appliance, press on the button (18) to automatically rewind the cord. • Use stowage clip as shown when storing the cleaner (22). Changing the dust bag The dustbag needs changing when the cleaner is set to maximum power and the cleaner head is off the floor but the “bag full” indicator window (23) is completely coloured red. Even if the dustbag does not appear to be full at this stage, it should be changed. It could...

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