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User manual Scarlett, model SC-4003

Manafacture: Scarlett
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Your set will not work normally from the mains supply, but there is now the advantage that, in case there is a mains current failure, your clock will continue to work. The clock display will not light up, as the clock time will be held in the clock memory by the battery back-up system. This enables you to move the set from place to place without resetting the clock every time. The battery back-up system is only meant to be used from short temporary power failures. For longer durations the battery may become exhausted or there may be some deviation in accuracy. • When the battery is exhausted, it should be removed from the set to prevent leakage. If you do not wish to take advantage of the battery back-up system, your set will work normally without a battery. However, if disconnected from the mains, the clock figures will flash when the mains are re-connected and you must re-set the clock as described in the AC Operation paragraph. AC OPERATION • The appliance is for household use only. • Before the first connecting of the appliance check that voltage indicated on the rating label corresponds the mains voltage in your home. • Insert the plug into the power supply. • The set is now working as an electronic clock and it will flash the clock figures to show you it is not set correctly. 2 SETTING THE CORRECT TIME • To set the correct time, press the Time set button and Hour button simultaneously, release the buttons approximately before the correct time is reached. Now press the Minute button and Time set buttons simultaneously to set the readout to the correct time precisely. RADIO OPERATION OPERATION • Slide the On/Off/Auto/Alarm switch to “ON” position. • Select your desired broadcasting band with Band switch. • Rotate the Tuning control knob to receive the desired broadcast. • Adjust the level of sound with Volume control regulator. ANTENNA • For FM reception, this set is specially equipped with the FM antenna, which is placed near the power line cord. WAKE TO RADIO Having selected your station and set the volume at the desired level, proceed as follows: • Slide the On/Off/Auto/Alarm switch to “AUTO” position. • Press the Alarm Set / Off button and whilst this button is depressed, press the Hour button and then the Minute button until the time, when you would like to wake up, is reached. The wake up time is now entered into the timer memory, thus the light indicator “AUTO” will light up. To check the wake up time, simply press the Alarm Set / Off button and the clock will show the preset time. The preset wake up time will continue to be registered in the timer memory and the radio will switch on by itself at the same time the next day. To switch the radio off, simply press the Alarm Set / Off button. WAKE TO BUZZER • Set the controls as for “WAKE TO RADIO”, but slide the On/Off/Auto/Alarm switch to “ALARM” position. The buzzer can then be switched off by pressing the Alarm Set / Off button or it can be converted to the radio by selecting the On/Off/Auto/Alarm switch to “ON” position. SLEEP TO MUSIC • The radio can be set to play and to switch off automatically for a length of time from 1 minute to 1 hour 59 minute by following this procedure - with all the controls preset in the “WAKE TO RADIO” positions, depress the Sleep button and press the Minute button to count down to the desired sleep time. To switch off the radio before the end of the registered sleep time period, simply press the Snooze button. SNOOZE CONTROL • The Snooze button allows the user an extra sleep time of about 9 minutes after the radio alarm is switched on at the preset wake up time. This can be repeated up to 5 times. DIMMER • You can adjust the dimmer of the display using the DIMMER switch: - HI - bright light of figures; - LO - normal light of figures. 3 MAINTENENCE AND CARE • Switch off the appliance, unplug from the power supply. • The outside of the appliance can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. • Avoid leaving the clock radio in direct sunlight or in hot, humid, dusty places. Keep the set away from heating appliances and appliances that generate noise, such as fluorescent lamps and motors. SPECIFICATION Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz Net / Gross weight 0.39 kg / 0.45 kg Gift box dimension (L x W x H) 166 mm x 100 mm x 66 mm 4 ОПИСАНИЕ 1. Кнопка Вкл./Выкл./Авто/Звонок 2. Переключатель DIMMER 3. Кнопка SLEEP 4. Кнопка Вкп./Выкп. будильника 5. Кнопка установки часов 6. Кнопка установки минут 7. Кнопка установки времени 8. Кнопка SNOOZE 9. Регулятор громкости 10. Переключатель диапазонов радиоволн 11. Регулятор настройки радиоволн 12. Шкала радиоволн МЕРЫ БЕЗОПАСНОСТИ • ВНИМАНИЕ: Во избежание удара электрическим током не открывайте заднюю панель. Доверяйте ремонт только квалифицированным специалистам. • ВЫСОКОЕ НАПРЯЖ...


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