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User manual Panasonic, model KXTC180B

Manafacture: Panasonic
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File name: KXTC180B.PDF
Language of manual:en
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manual abstract

Read and understand all instructions. Thank you for purchasing the Panasonic cordless telephone. !----------------__-----j I Attach your purchase receipt here. | I I I I For your future reference Serial No (found on the bottom of the unit) Date of purchase Name of dealer Dealer’s address • To order accessories, call 1 -800-332-5368 2 For Best Performance Battery Charge To power the handset, charge the battery for about 10 hours before initial use (p 8) Operating Distance/Noise Calls are transmitted between the base unit and the handset using wireless radio waves For maximum distance and noise free operation, the recommended base unit location is Away from electrical appliances In a HIGH and CENTRAL such as a TV, radio, or personal location with no obstructions 3 Contents Getting Started -r‘-'j: .


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