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User manual Panasonic, model KXTGC350

Manafacture: Panasonic
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manual abstract

Useful Information
FCC and other information
This equipment complies with Part 68 of the
But if advance notice isn't practical, the
FCC rules and the requirements adopted by
telephone company will notify the customer
the ACTA. On the bottom of this equipment
as soon as possible. Also, you will be
is a label that contains, among other
advised of your right to file a complaint with
information, a product identifier in the
the FCC if you believe it is necessary.
format US:ACJ----------.
If requested, this number must be provided
The telephone company may make changes
to the telephone company.
in its facilities, equipment, operations or
L Registration No:
procedures that could affect the operation of
– KX-TGC350 series: found the rear of
the equipment. If this happens the
the unit
telephone company will provide advance
– KX-TGC360 series: found the bottom of
notice in order for you to make necessary
the unit
modifications to maintain uninterrupted
L Ringer Equivalence No. (REN).......0.1B
A plug and jack used to connect this
If trouble is experienced with this
equipment to the premises wiring and
equipment, for repair or warranty
telephone network must comply with the
information, please contact a Factory
applicable FCC Part 68 rules and
Service Center or other Authorized Servicer.
requirements adopted by the ACTA. A
If the equipment is causing harm to the
compliant telephone cord and modular plug
telephone network, the telephone company
is provided with the product. It is designed
may request that you disconnect the
to be connected to a compatible modular
equipment until the problem is resolved.
jack that is also compliant.
Connection to party line service is subject to
The REN is used to determine the number
state tariffs. Contact the state public utility
of devices that may be connected to a
commission, public service commission or
telephone line. Excessive RENs on a
corporation commission for information.
telephone line may result in the devices not
ringing in response to an incoming call. In
If your home has specially wired alarm
most but not all areas, the sum of RENs
equipment connected to the telephone line,
should not exceed five (5.0). To be certain
ensure the installation of this equipment
of the number of devices that may be
does not disable your alarm equipment. If
connected to a line, as determined by the
you have questions about what will disable
total RENs, contact the local telephone
alarm equipment, consult your telephone
company. For products approved after July
company or a qualified installer.
23, 2001, the REN for the product is part of
the product identifier that has the format
This equipment is hearing aid compatible as
US:AAAEQ##TXXXX. The digits
defined by the FCC in 47 CFR Section
represented by ## are the REN without a
decimal point (e.g., 03 is a REN of 0.3).
When you hold the phone to your ear, noise
If this equipment causes harm to the
might be heard in your Hearing Aid. Some
telephone network, the telephone company
Hearing Aids are not adequately shielded
will notify you in advance that temporary
from external RF (radio frequency) energy. If
discontinuance of service may be required.
noise occurs, use an optional headset
For assistance, please visit http://shop.panasonic.com/support
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