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User manual Acroprint, model PD100

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manual abstract

CAUTION: . Read and understand all instructions in the PD100 Time Clock User Manual before installing and operating the time clock. . Do not install the PD100 in areas where it may be exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures, such as near a heater. . Do not install the PD100 where it may be exposed to excessive dust or to high humidity, resulting in condensation. . Do not use this product near water or when you are wet. If the product comes in contact with any liquids, unplug the electric cord immediately. Do not plug the product back in until it has thoroughly dried. . Securely install the PD100 on a stable, level surface. Place the PD100 where no one can step or trip over the cord. Do not place objects on the power cord that can cause damage or abrasion. Cover Removal and Installation: Removal . Insert key and turn counterclockwise . Lift cover straight up Installation . Place cover straight down on unit . Align tabs in slots on base . Turn key clockwise to lock Setting Use a pencil point or eraser on the raised letters to move the wheel to the desired location. Do not use sharp objects; they may damage the printing characters. . Plug in unit until cam is aligned as shown in (Figure 1). Unplug unit when the cam reaches the position shown. The wheels can only be turned toward the front of the unit (Figure 1). PM Hours are denoted by an underscore (eg. 12, 5, 3) (Figure 1) Day Setting . Set hour wheel (center wheel) to 4 (4 AM) by moving the hour wheel toward the front of the unit and align 4 to Red Notch (Figure 2) . Take a test print to check the day printed . Adjust the day wheel by moving wheel toward the front of the unit . Take a test print to confirm correct day is printing (Figure 2) Hour Setting Note: PM Hours are denoted by an underscore (eg. 12, 5, 3) . Adjust hour wheel by moving the center wheel toward the front of the unit . Align the correct hour with the Red Notch Minute Setting . Hold down the minute lever (Figure 1) . Adjust the minute wheel to One Minute Before the current time by moving the wheel toward the front of the unit and aligning the Red Notch . Release the minute lever . The correct minute should now line up with the Red Notch Completion . Take test print and verify correct time . Confirm ribbon is properly seated as shown in (Figure 3) . Plug in PD100 . Replace cover Ribbon Replacement An Acroprint PD122 Replacement Ribbon will provide the best, trouble free performance of your PD100. Warning: Ribbon ink can stain your hands and clothes. Please use extra care when handling ribbon spools (your pants will thank you). . Remove cover . Grasp both ribbon spools . Pull spools straight out from the side of the unit . The new empty ribbon spool must be placed on the forward post (Figure 3) . Pull new ribbon spools apart about 3-4 inches . Push new spools straight onto posts, while aligning the tab on the spool with the slot on the PD100 . Remove ribbon slack by turning rear spool tabs clockwise . Verify proper printing . Install cover (Figure 3) Warranty This product is guaranteed to the original purchaser for a period of one (1) year from original purchase date against defective materials and workmanship when used under normal operating conditions. The repair or replacement of any defective component or part and any necessary adjustments will be made free of charge provided that the machine is shipped prepaid to the factory service center shown below, securely packaged and shipped in the original shipping container. The guarantee is not applicable if the device has been subject to misuse, abuse, negligence, accidents, power surges and lightning. The guarantee is not applicable if the serial number has been altered, defaced or removed or if the device has been tampered with or taken apart by other than authorized service personnel. Please return the warranty card to Acroprint to register your product. If you would like to register online, please go to For your reference fill out the information below and keep it in safe place. Model Number PD100 Serial Number Date Purchased Purchased From Location Acroprint Time Recorder Co. 5640 Departure Drive Raleigh, NC 27616-1841 Product Registration Card Fax to 919.850.0720 or Drop in envelope Acroprint Time Recorder Co. 5640 Departure Dr. Raleigh, NC 27616, USA PD100 Model No. Serial No. First Name Last Name Title Company Name Address City State Zip Daytime Phone with Area Code Email Address Fax# Purchased From Purchase Date So that we may serve you better, please indicate your primary business activity. (01) Manufacturing (07) Hotel/Motel (02) Wholesale (08) Banking/Financial (03) Retail (09) Medical/Dental (04) Government (10) Construction (05) University/School (11) Other (06) Restaurant Number of Employees using this product (20) 1-10 (23) 50-75 (21) 11-25 (24) 76-100 (22) 26-49 (25) 100+ Annual Sales in dollars (30) Under $100,000 (33) $500,000 – 1,000,000 (31) $100,000 – 250,000 (34) $1 million –...


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