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User manual Furuno, model MF/HF DSC/Watch Receiver DSC-60

Manafacture: Furuno
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Distress, safety and routine communications . Scanning of DSC frequencies for distress and general calls on MF/HF . Excellent readability of a volume message by 160-character LCD display . File editing capability for readiness in case of emergency . Automatic entry of own ship position with manual override . PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) capability standard . Optional built-in receiver board for DSC ship business/routine frequencies is available The FURUNO DSC-60 is a Class A MF/HF Digital Selective Calling (DSC) system with built-in DSC Watch Receiver designed to fully meet the GMDSS carriage requirements. It complies with new IMO Resolutions A.804 and A.806 as amended by MSC.68(68) and relevant IEC and ETSI testing standards, and ITU Recommendations. The DSC system is one essential element of the GMDSS, enhancing vessel navigation safety with its automated digital communications capabilities. Connected with an associated MF/HF transceiver, the DSC-60 terminal generates and receives digital selective calls for quick and efficient establishment of distress, urgency, safety and routine communications with other ships and coast stations that install MF/HF DSC facilities. The DSC-60 automatically controls the working frequencies for radio communications and Telex. Class of emission and other parameters are also controlled according to the telecommand in an incoming call. In an emergency, the DSC-60 transmits distress alert via the MF/HF radiotelephone by simply pressing the [DISTRESS] button. For monitoring of distress alarm, the DSC-60 incorporates a DSC Watch Receiver which provides continuous scanning of the six distress frequencies (see spec). On A2 vessels, only 2187.5 kHz is monitored. The DSC-60 can also be used as a remote controller of FURUNO MF/HF radiotelephone or other make which accepts FSI (Frequency Set Information) sentence in IEC 61162-1 digital interface standards. For upgrading of routine communications, a built-in receiver board to scan and receive DSC ship business/routine frequencies (1.6 MHz to 27.5 MHz) is available as an option. R Catalogue No. W-3241c The future today with FURUNO's electronics technology. FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. TRADE MARK REGISTERED 9-52 Ashihara-cho, Nishinomiya City, Japan Phone: +81 (0)798 65-2111 MARCA REGISTRADA Fax: +81 (0)798 65-4200, 66-4622 URL: SPECIFICATIONS OF DSC-60 GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS 1. Rules and Regulations ITU-R Rec. 493-9 (Class A), 541-8, 1082-1 IEC 61097-3, IEC 61097-8, IEC 61162-1, IEC 60945 IMO Res. A.804(19), A.806(19) and MSC.68(68) amendment, EN 300 338 2. Distress Call and Message Distress Call and Message (RR 3112: Format specifier (distress), Self-ID, Nature of distress, Distress coordinates, Time, Telecommand, EOS, ECC) 3. Class of Emission DSC: F1B/J2B (J2B MF/HF transceiver) Voice: J3E TTY: F1B/J2B (J2B MF/HF transceiver) 4. Receiving Frequencies MF/HF DSC: 2187.5, 4207.5, 6312, 8414.5, 12577, 16804.5 kHz 1.6 to 27.5 MHz (Optional receiver) 5. Message Storage Receive: 50 distress messages max. plus 50 non-distress messages Transmit: 50 messages plus 99 files containing station ID, Telephone No., Frequency, etc. 6. Interface IEC 61162-1 7. Alarms Audible and visual on receipt of distress, urgency or routine calls, Position error 8. Display 20 characters x 8 lines 9. Modulator and Demodulator Level: -12 dBm to +12 dBm at 600 ohms, balanced Frequency: Mark 1615 Hz, Space 1785 Hz, 100 baud Stability: ±0.5 Hz Watch receiver Receive Frequencies: 2187.5, 4207.5, 6312, 8414.5, 12577,16804.5 kHz Sensitivity: Error rate 1% at 0 dB.V POWER SUPPLY 24 VDC EQUIPMENT LIST Standard 1. DSC terminal/DSC watch receiver 2. Installation materials and spare parts 3. External loudspeaker MX9010-X01 Optional 1. Rectifier PR-300 2. Printer PP-510 3. Distress alert button IC-302 4. Incoming indicator IC-303 5. Handset HSC701K-B20 6. 1.6-27.5 MHz DSC scan board 95 3.7" 90 3.5" 45 1.8" 5-7.5 DSC/WATCH RECEIVER DSC-60 95 3.7" 305 12.0" 258 10.2" 144 5.7" 108 4.3" 141 5.6" 87 3.4" 137 5.4" 166 6.5" 105 126 5.0" 3 1.0" 4.1" Weight: 4.9 kg 10.8 lb 24 VDC Distress message controller DMC-5 CO-SPEVV-SB-C 0.2 x 2 P, 30 m max. DSC-60 DSC/Watch Receiver PRINTER PP-510 24 VDC Position dataDistress alarms DPYC-1.25 57FE-338-205W, 5 m Setting telecommand, working freq., etc. CO-SPEVV-SB-C, 0.2 x 2P, 30 m max (2 ports for MF/HF DSC and VHF DSC) EPFS NBDP Terminal Option DSC distress and safety(continuous watch) NAVTEX Receiver NX-500 VHF, DSC FM-8500/8700 DPYC-1.25 DP-6 DSC signal, telephony, telex DSC ship business and routine(scanning watch) FS-1562 DSC shipbusiness and routine (scanning watch) Rectifier PR-300 115/230 VAC Inmarsat-C FELCOM 12 IC-303 IC-302 * Optional DSC scan board required. SPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE FURUNO U.S.A., INC. FURUNO DANMARK AS 01085N Printed in JapanCamas, Washington, U.S.A. Hvidovre, Denmark Phone: +1 360-834-9300 Telefax: +1 360-834-9400 Phone: +45 36 77 45 00 Telefax: +45 36 77 45 01 FURUN...


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