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User manual Adcom, model GFA-7300

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The front panel is a heavy-gauge, high-grade aluminum extrusion carefully finished and anodized for durability. The chassis, top cover and rear panel are heavy-gauge steel that has been powder coated and baked to ensure a lasting finish. If the front panel, top or sides become dusty or fingerprinted, they can be cleaned with a soft lint-free cloth, slightly dampened with a very mild detergent solution or glass cleaner. DO NOT SPRAY OR POUR LIQUIDS OF ANY KIND ON THE GFA-7400/7300. REAR PANEL DESCRIPTION OF UNIT NOTE! Product shown is GFA-7400, GFA-7300 is similar. O Inputs The audio inputs for the GFA-7400/7300 are through high-quality, gold-plated RCA jacks to minimize high-frequency losses, noise, etc. They will accept standard RCA-type plugs, one for each of the five channels; Front Left, Center, Right Front, Left Rear, and Right Rear. To insure that the performance designed into the GFA-7500 is preserved, you should use the highest quality audio cables possible. There are many cables which are color-coded and specifically designed for this application. Your Adcom dealer can help select the best cable for your needs. (See CONNECTING THE GFA-7400/7400 for more information). 0 Outputs The GFA-7400’s connections to the loudspeakers are made through high-grade, 5-way, gold-plated binding post terminals. There are two terminals for each speaker, which are colored RED for the positive (+) output and BLACK for the negative (-) output. The GFA-7300’s connections to the loudspeakers are basically similar; there are two terminals for each speaker, which are colored RED for the positive (+) output and BLACK for the negative (-) output. The high-grade gold-plated binding post terminals on the GFA-7300 are however, different. These connectors easily accept stripped bare wires or pins. To use spade lugs it is necessary to remove the black molded plastic guide block that fits over the binding posts. To remove, take out the two screws at the top and bottom of guide block. Store the guide block and screws for future use. The binding posts will accept a variety of connector types; the most secure and prevalent of these is the “U”-type spade connectors (at least 0.25” wide and maximum width of 0.57”),. The terminal will also accept bare wire (up to AWG10) and “banana” type plugs (single or dual). (See CONNECTING THE GFA-7400/7300 for more information). 9 О 12VDC Triggering. (GFA-7400 Only) The GFA-7400 and GFA-7300 are very high power amplifiers and as such must be directly connected to the wall outlet or an appropriate surge protector or AC line conditioner. It must never be connected to the “switched" outlets on the rear panel of a pre-amplifier. Usually this would mean that when you turn on/off your pre-amplifier you would have to turn on/off your power amplifier separately. We have however provided the ability to control the OFF/ON function of the GFA-7400 by a 12Volt DC output jack on the rear of certain ADCOM pre-amplifiers and tuner preamplifiers. When using this feature the front panel Power Switch must be left in the in “on” position. To connect you will need a monaural mini phone plug to monaural mini phone plug cable of appropriate length (not included) to reach from the rear panel of the amplifier to the rear panel of the pre-amplifier. Contact your dealer for information on using this feature with ADCOM and other brand pre-amplifiers. Although 12VDC is optimal the circuit will operate from approx. 5 to 30VDC, not to exceed 250mv. Center conductor (tip) is positive (+). О AC Fuse The AC Fuse protects the electronic circuits of the GFA-7400/7300. This fuse, normally, will fail only if there is an overload within the GFA-7400/7300. It may, however, fail if the amplifier attempts to deliver very high power into very low-impedance loudspeakers. In either case, BE SURE TO REPLACE THE AC Fuse ONLY WITH AN EXACT REPLACEMENT FUSE. The proper fuse values are: GFA-7400: Fuse Rating BUSS® Littelfuse® For 115 volt operation.......15 Amp 250 Volt..............ABC-15/250V..........(ЗАВ) 314015/250V For 230 volt operation........ 8 Amp 250 Volt..............AGC-8/250V...........(3AG) 312008/250V GFA-7300: Fuse Rating BUSS® Littelfuse® For 115 volt operation.......T8 Amp 250 Volt..............MDL-8A/250V.........(3AG) 313008/250V For 230 volt operation........T4 Amp 250 Volt..............MDL-4A/250V.........(3AG) 313004/250V WARNING Before attempting to replace a failed fuse, be certain to unplug the AC Power Cord from the AC wall outlet to prevent possible electrical shock. Replace the AC Fuse only with one identical in type and rating as printed on the rear panel. DO NOT USE ANY SUBSTITUTE FUSES WITH DIFFERENT RATINGS OR VALUES. Failure to observe this precaution may cause serious damage to the amplifier circuits, MAY CREATE A FIRE HAZARD, AND MAY VOID THE WARRANTY. _ If the Power LED (0) does not glow, it may be an indication that the AC fuse has blown. If you are using the 12VDC Triggering feature ...

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