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User manual RedMax, model PSZ2460S

Manafacture: RedMax
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manual abstract

1. When restarting the engine immediately after stopping it, leave the choke open. 2. Overchoking can make the engine hard to start due to excess fuel. When the engine failed to start after several attempts, open the choke and repeat pulling the rope, or remove the spark plug and dry it. ¦ STOPPING ENGINE (OP4) 1. Release the throttle lever and run the engine for a half minute. 2. Shift the ignition switch to the “Stop” position. (OP4) • Except for an emergency, avoid stopping the engine while pulling the throttle lever. ¦ CHECKING OIL SUPPLY • After starting the engine, run the chain at medium speed and see if chain oil is scattered off as shown in the figure. (OP6) (1) Chain oil The oil reservoir has a capacity sufficient to provide about 40 minutes of cutting time (when set to deliver the minimum flow rate, or about as long as you'll get from a tank of fuel). Be sure to refill the oil tank every time when refueling the saw. NOTE (1) (3) (a) (b) (2) OP4 IMPORTANT NOTE PSZ2460S 8. Operation ¦ ADJUSTING OIL FLOW RATE WARNING Never fill the oil reservoir nor adjust the oiler with the engine running. (1) OP9 .04 in (1~2mm) (1) OP8 ¦ ADJUSTING THROTTLE CABLE • The normal play is 1 or 2mm when measured at the carburetor side end. Readjust with the cable adjuster as required. (OP8) (1) Cable adjuster ¦ ADJUSTING IDLING SPEED (OP9) 1. When the engine tends stop frequently at idling mode, turn the adjusting screw clockwise. 2. When the cutting head keeps rotating after releasing the trigger, turn the adjusting screw counter-clockwise. (1) Idle adjusting screw U S IMPORTANT An increase in bar oil flow rate will speed oil consumption, requiring more frequent checks on the oil reservoir. To ensure sufficient lubrication, It may be necessary to check the oil level more frequently than at fuel tank refills. The guide bar and chain are lubricated automatically by a pump that operates whenever the chain rotates. The pump is set at the factory to deliver a minimum flow rate, but it can be adjusted in the field. A temporary increase in oil flow is often desirable when cutting things like hardwood or wood with a lot of pitch. Adjust the pump as follows: 1. Stop the engine and make sure the stop switch is in the OFF position. 2. Place the unit on its side with the oil res ervoir up. (OP7) (1) Oil tank (2) Chain cover NOTE • Warm up the engine before adjusting the idling speed. WARNING • Always wear work gloves made of leather or some other sturdy material when using the polesaw. • Falling branches may fall onto the face or into the eyes, resulting in injuries, scratches, and cuts, and for this reason you should always be sure to wear a helmet and face protector when using your polesaw. OP7 IMPORTANT The oil flow adjusting screw must be pressed in slightly in order to turn. Failure to do so could damage the pump and screw. 3. With a screwdriver, push in on the oil flow rate adjusting screw and turn in the desired direction (there are three incremental settings): (a) Clockwise-decrease lubrication. (b)Counter clockwise-increase lubrication. (c) Middle US-13 PSZ2460S 9. Maintenance Maintenance, replacement, or repair of the emission control device and systems may be performed by any non-road engine repair establishment or individual. ¦ MAINTENANCE CHART System/compornent Procedure Before use Every 25 hours after Every 50 hours after Every 100 hours after note ENGINEfuel leaks, fuel spillage wipe out . fuel tank, air filter, fuel filter inspect/clean . . replace, if necessary idle adjusting screw see ¦ADJUSTING IDLING SPEED (p.13) . replace carburetor if necessary spark plug clean and readjust electrode gap . GAP: .025in(0.6~0.7 mm) replace, if necessary cylinder fins, intake air cooling vent clean . muffler, spark arrester, cylinder exhaust port clean, remove piled up carbon . SHAFTthrottle lever, ignition switch check operation . gear case grease . screws/nuts/bolts tighten/replace . . not adjusting screws CUTTING UNIToiling port clean . guide bar clean . sprocket inspect/replace . saw chain inspect/replace . ¦ OILING PORT MA1 Dismount the guide bar and check the (1) oiling port for clogging. (MA1) (1) Oiling port MA4 MA2 ¦ GUIDE BAR Remove sawdust in the bar groove and the oiling port. (MA2) (1) Groove (2) Oiling port MA5 MA3 (Type: Sprocket nose) Grease the nose sprocket from the feeding port on the tip of the bar. (MA3) (1) Grease port (2) Sprocket ¦ OTHERS Check for fuel leakage and loose fastenings or damage to major parts, especially housing joints and guide bar mounting. If any defects are found, make sure to have them repaired before operating again. ¦ SPROCKET Check for extensive wear, and replace it when the teeth are worn over 0.3mm. (MA4) (1) Sprocket ¦ GUIDE BAR The bar rail should always be a square. Check for wear of the bar rail. Apply a ruler to the bar and the outside of a cutter. If a gap is observed between them, the rail is normal. Otherwise, the bar rail is worn. Such a bar needs to be corrected or replac...


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