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User manual Alcatel-Lucent, model 1655 AMU

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Offered in two rack-mounted and two street-cabinet versions, its energy-efficient, compact design reduces operating expenditures (OPEX). The 1655 AMU allows you to expand revenue-generating capabilities with minimal investment by offering a flexible mix of circuit and data traffic. 2 22 A AAl llc cca aat tte eel ll- --L LLu uuc cce een nnt 1 t 1t 16 665 555 A 5 A5 AM MMU A U AU Ac ccc cce ees sss M s Ms Mu uul llt tti iip ppl lle eex xxe eer U r Ur Un nni iiv vve eer rrs ssa aal ll Meeting enterprise demands New services, such as triple play and business Ethernet, are placing great demands on the existing transport infrastructure. To be profitable, service providers must reduce OPEX while meeting business demands by offering a host of new revenue- generating Internet and Ethernet services while supporting existing TDM services. At the same time, they must avoid the complexity and expense of overlay networks. The Alcatel-Lucent 1655 AMU addresses the rapid growth in data traffic and resulting demand for additional network bandwidth, while avoiding bottlenecks in the MAN. Because of its versatility, the Alcatel- Lucent 1655 AMU expands coverage to both large and small customers. Benefits • Provides new revenue-generating services • Reduces capital expenditures (CAPEX) by avoiding overlays • Offers scalable access to business customers • Supports both Ethernet and TDM on one platform • Decreases OPEX through integration, compatibility, compact size and energy efficiency • Offers flexible deployment options with two rack-mounted and two street-cabinet versions Alcatel-Lucent 1655 AMU Access Multiplexer Universal 3 New revenue-generating services The Alcatel-Lucent 1655 AMU cost effectively delivers a growing array of high-performance, high-speed communications services to businesses. A wide selection of interfaces support a flexible mix of circuit and data traffic, more easily meeting customer demands for LAN interconnection, Internet access, voice services and the latest, high-value multimedia offerings. 1655 AMU 1m/1o 1655 AMU 2m/4o Reduced CAPEX by avoiding overlays Converging voice and data traffic on a single platform supports multiservice transport over existing SDH networks. Leveraging existing investments in network assets avoids the cost and complexity of building overlay networks. The Alcatel-Lucent 1655 AMU combines traditional SDH, or circuit- based, and Ethernet, or packet-based, applications. Four shelf versions are offered, two rack-mounted versions for CO and CPE applications and two street-cabinet versions. Scalable access for business customers Developed specifically to serve business customers, the Alcatel- Lucent 1655 AMU suits several applications: • Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) at customer premises equipment (CPE) • Local loop access: fiber to the business (FTTB) • LAN and Private Branch Exchange (PBX) interconnection • Interoffice applications 4 Alcatel-Lucent 1655 AMU Access Multiplexer Universal Offering significant space efficiency, the Alcatel-Lucent 1655 AMU is ap plicable to CPE, Central Office (CO) and street-cabinet deployments. Two rack-mounted versions serve CPE and CO deployments, the larger version with two main and four option card slots (2m/4o), and the smaller with one main and two option card slots (1m/2o). The street-cabinet configuration operates over an extended temperature range and is available in both large and small versions. CPE dEPloymENtS The smaller 1m/2o Alcatel-Lucent 1655 AMU offers simple and cost- effective Ethernet, E1, STM-1, STM-4, and STM-16 access, supporting applications such as enterprise networking and mobile backhaul networks. Co dEPloymENtS The Alcatel-Lucent 1655 AMU 2m/4o version adds or drops up to 252 E1s. It includes one core pack, optional power, switch, synchro nization core protection and four option slots. When deployed in a CO, the Alcatel-Lucent 1655 AMU supports advanced Ethernet services plus FTTB applications in either ring or mesh configurations. These configurations offer high-speed Internet access by connecting business LANs with the Internet service provider (ISP) point of presence (POP), data-center connection through high-speed links and cost-efficient massive E1 drops in hub applications. StREEt-CABiNEt dEPloymENtS Some services preclude the use of CO or CPE deployments. These include fiber to anywhere needed (FTTx) and transport for services requiring shorter loop lengths, such as ADSL+, VDSL and cable-TV plants. The Alcatel-Lucent 1655 AMU street-cabinet version is ideal for these situations. Alcatel-Lucent 1655 AMU Access Multiplexer Universal 5 Alcatel-Lucent 1655 AMU Access M 6 ultiplexer Universal When using optional Alcatel-Lucent TransLAN Cards®, the Alcatel- Lucent 1655 AMU system supports Ethernet over existing SDH networks. Depending on the cards selected, the Alcatel-Lucent 1655 AMU system offers the following features: • Layer 2 Ethernet switching functionality: point-to-point and multipoint LAN services • Ethernet Per...


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