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User manual Feiyue, model FY811

Manafacture: Feiyue
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manual abstract

Always unplug this sewing machine from the electrical outlet immediately after using and before cleaning. ■ Always unplug before changing the light bulb.Replace bulb with same type rated 15 watts. A WARNING -To reduce the risk of bums, fire, electric shock, or injury to persons: ■ Do not allow this machine to be used as a toy. Close attention is necessary when the sewing machine is used by or near children. ■ Use this sewing machine only for its intended use as described in this manual. Use only accessories recommended by the manufacturer as contained in this manual. ■ Never operate this sewing machine if it has a damaged cord or plug, if it is not working properly, if it has been dropped or damaged, or dropped into water. Return the sewing machine to the nearest authorized dealer or service center for examination, repair, electrical or mechanical adjustment. ■ Never operate the sewing machine with any of the air openings blocked. Keep the ventilation openings of the sewing machine and foot controller free from the accumulation of lint, dust and loose cloth. ■ Never drop or insert any object into any openings. ■ Do not use this machine outdoors. ■ Do not operate this machine where aerosol (spray) products are being used or where oxygen is being administered. ■ To disconnect, turn the main switch to the symbol “ O ’ position which represents off, then remove plug from outlet. ■ Do not unplug by pulling on the cord. To unplug, grasp the plug and pull, not the cord. ■ Keep fingers away from all moving parts. Special care is required around the sewing machine needle. ■ Always use the proper needle plate. The wrong plate can cause the needle to break. ■ Do not use a bent needle. ■ Do not pull or push the fabric while stitching. It may deflect the needle causing it to break. ■ Switch the sewing machine to the off. symbol “ O ” position when making and adjustments in the needle area, such as threading the needle, changing the needle, threading the bobbin, or changing the presser foot. ■ Always unplug the sewing machine from the electrical outlet when removing covers, lubricating, or when making any other user service adjustments mentioned in this instruction manual. “ SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS ” “ This sewing machine is intended for household use.” 1 KNOW YOUR MACHINE • Locate and Identify the Parts 1 KNOW YOUR MACHINE • Locate and Identify the Parts ® PRESSURE REGULATOR BUTTON ±Him& ® THREAD GUIDE ±mnmi ® @ BOBBIN WINDER THREAD GUIDE mm SPOOL PINS &‘№*m ® BOBBIN WINDER SPINDLE ® BOBBIN WINDER STOPPER ±M ® TOP COVER ® PATTERN SELECTOR KNOB ±tt ® BALANCE WHEEL © STITCH LENGTH REGULATING KNOB © REVERSING BUTTON © BELT COVER №JF* © SWITCH © THREAD TENSION REGULATING NUT © NEEDLE CLAMP SCREW «•« © NEEDLE PLATE tn.fr © NEEDLE © PRESSER FOOT ffttKrVfi © SHUTTLE COVER *K5F @ FEED DOG £MMT ® PRESSER FOOT THUMB SCREW Eff ® PRESSER BAR ttff @ NEEDLE BAR @ FACE PLATE THREAD GUIDES ffi'tS @ FACE PLATE @ THREAD TAKE-UP LEVER 2 mm 2 PREPARE YOUR MACHINE FOR SEWING # How to Connect the Machine to the Power supply Machine A [/'iütl &Ë'№M№i S-îftlUBMS». O Fit the machine plug into the machine. 0 Plug the machine to the power supply. A Note Before plugging in the machine, ensure that the voltage and number of cycles indicated is conformed to your electrical power supply. • How to Use the Speed controller Sewing spead can be varied by the speed controller. The harder you press on the controller, the faster the machine runs. 2 2 PREPARE YOUR MACHINE FOR SEWING i Changing Lamp The sewing lamp is located behind the face plate. HKiMMTMMt, JTffffl«. *ne. Open the face plate when changing the bulb Bulb type (B): To remove... Push and twist counter-clockwise. To replace... Push and twist clockwise. A Note Before replacing a bulb, disconnect the machine from the power supply . Bulbs are available from sewing machine retailers.(Use a 15-Watt bulb) 2 mm 2 PREPARE YOUR MACHINE FOR SEWING • Changing the Needle o ft««« © at. i˱fij®, m o taft®toiaa.b0f^. ¥ ami ^ijinisc, A*s\\imm:ri№. o o Turn the balance wheel towards you until the needle is at its highest position. Loosen the needle clamp screw by turning its top edge toward you. Remove the needle from the clamp. Place the new needle into the needle clamp with its flat side facing away from you. Push the needle up into needle clamp as far as possible. Check your needles frequently. The needle must be flat and sharp as shown in the illustration a or b. Do not use any needle which is bent or blunt as shown in the illustration c,d,e,or f. 2 2 PREPARE YOUR MACHINE FOR SEWING 0 Raising or Lowering the Presser Foot o mnmii ¡ear# O By raising or lowering the presser foot lifter, the presser foot goes up and down respectively. 0 For additional clearance, the foot lifter can be raised higher to sew on heavy fabrics. ■ Regulating the Presser Foot Pressure (Patch-O-Matic) To release the pressure, push rin...


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