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User manual Typical, model GC20606L18 det

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TYPICAL SEWING MACHINE WANPING MACHINERY CO.,LTD. ADD: WANPING TOWN, WUJIANG CITY, JIANGSU PROVINCE, CHINA TEL: 86-512-63391627 63391278 FAX: 86-512-63391371 POST. CODE: 215223 Http://E-mail:bzwf@public1.sz.js.cn CONTENTS 1. Brief introduction 1 2. Main specifications 1 3. Machine installation and operation preparation 1 1. Machine installation 1-3 2. Operation preparation and notice before running 3-4 4. Machine operation 5-6 1. Coordination among needle, thread and materials 5 2. Install the needle 5 3. Winding the bobbin thread 5-6 5. Machine adjustment 6-9 1. Adjust the needle thread tension and bobbin thread tension 6-7 2. Adjust the pressure of presser foot 7 3. Adjust the safety clutch device 7-9 1. GC2060L18 machine casting components 10-13 2. GC20606-1L18 machine casting components 14-17 3. Upper shaft and presser foot components 18-19 4. Needle bar and lower feed components 20-23 5. Lower shaft thread looping components 24-25 6. Stitch length adjustment components 26-27 7. Knee lifter and winding components 28-29 8. Lubrication components 30-31 9. Accessories 32-33 Operation instruction Parts manual „” ./: (495) 989-22-97 „” ./: (495) 989-22-97 Operation instruction „” ./: (495) 989-22-971. Brief introduction 2. Main specifications GC20606L18 machine adopts straight double needle and two vertical auto-lubricating hooks for thread looping, sliding lever for thread take up to form two lines of lockstitch seam. The upper and lower shafts are supported by needle bearing and driven by toothed belt, plunger oil pump lubrication system, compound feed mechanism of feed dog, walking foot and needle, so even if for long stitch length or sewing long materials, it can deal with them freely. GC20606-1L18 sewing machine adopts single straight needle and vertical auto-lubricating hook for thread looping, it has all of the advantages of GC20606L18. Both of the models are widely used in the factories of suitcase, tent, cushion, leather goods, apparel, mat, etc. 3. Machine installation 1. Machine installation 1.1 Location of the machine The machine must be located on the rigid and flat floor for ensuring its smooth operation and reducing its vibration. Meanwhile, a rubber mat should be inserted between the machine stand and the floor for further reducing the running noise. 1.2 Install the oil pan (Fig. 1) Put the oil pan into the table cutout and place the four cushions on the four corners of the cutout, finally fix the cushion and oil pan on the table by nail. 1.3 Install the machine head (Fig. 2) Make the hinge A of machine head engaged with hinge socket B on the table, then turn the machine head till it is seated on the frame of table cutout, please keep the turning freely. GC20606L18 GC20606-1L18 Medium and heavy weight materials 1200s.p.m 9mm 36mm 8mm by hand More than 16mm by pedal Large vertical auto-lubricating hook DP 17 Nm125 180 6.4mm (standard) Auto-lubricating Special needle gauge available (mm):3.2,4,4.8,8, 9.5,12.7,16,19,25.4. Applications Max. Sewing speed Max. Stitch length Needle bar stroke Presser foot lift height Hook Needle Needle gauge Lubrication Model 1 A B „” ./: (495) 989-22-973 A B C E D 1.4 Install the presser foot lifting controller (Fig. 3) First connect the chain B with presser foot lift lever C by hooks A, then install the pedal assembly D on the rung of the stand, move the controller E leftward or rightward to make the chain in one line, fix it with bolt and nut, finally connect the hook with the controller E. (An automatic presser foot lifter is also available, please refer to parts manual Part 7. "Knee lifter and winding components") 5 4 C B A A 1.5 Install the thread stand (Fig. 4) The thread stand should be located on the right backside of the table. Threading should be smooth when sewing. When the machine head is turned backward, it should not be touched with the thread stand, then tighten the nut A. 1.6 Install the motor (Fig. 5) Move the motor C leftward or rightward to make the hand wheel belt groove A and motor pulley belt groove B run in line. „” ./: (495) 989-22-971.7 Connecting the clutch lever to the pedal (Fig. 6) A. The optimum tilt angle of pedal against floor is approx. 20.«.a..a 30 B. Adjust the clutch of motor so that the clutch lever C and draw bar B run in line. C. The machine hand wheel should rotate counter-clockwise for normal sewing when view from opposite side of balance wheel. The motor should rotate in the same direction. The rotation can be reversed by reversing the plug of motor (turn over 180.a ) D. Adjust the tension of V-belt F by moving the motor up and down. The proper tension of V-belt is a slack of 10.«12mm when the belt is depressed at the belt span by finger. 2. Operation preparation and notice before running 2.1 Clearing the machine Before the head is packed, all of the parts of the machine are coated with anti-rust grease, meanwhile the grease can har...


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