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User manual Pfaff, model 362-261

Manafacture: Pfaff
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”'"9 •*. ».p.«« moiMn> ^ ^ ^ I............ b°0t “P >“ ~ - — - 8,. ,o ,„,„o№ tJps „ k "»-——c, .......... 1HS boot o >oluobit gMd=io ;• ■ Follow these simple instructions and familiar' * S6W'n9 Pfaff*Au,0"iatic Sewing. ..... G. M. PFAFF AG Karlsruhe-Durlach Branch 1 Thread take-up lever 8 Stitch length dial 2 Top control (D) cover 9 Reverse feed control 3 Embroidery pattern length lever {£) 10 Light switch 4 Dial (C) 11 Drop feed control 5 Zigzag finger-tip control 12 Needle plate 6 Bobbin winder 13 Free arm cover (enclosing transverse 7 Stop motion knob rotory sewing hook) 2 R 8153 A 14 Needle 15 Automatic needle threader 16 Needle thread tension 17 Sewlight 18 Stitch width dial (A) 19 Needle position lever (B) R 8138 A 29 28 20 Balance wheel 25 Presser bar lifter (also used 29 Free arm 21 Collapsible spool pins to operate the Stopmatic) 30 Double receptacle for speed control and 22 Top cover 26 Sewing foot thumb screw power cords 23 Needle threader control 27 Sewing foot 31 Free arm top cover 24 Face cover 28 Snap-out workplate 32 Needle set screw 3 . - ■ -rn’HMTan R 734 Make sure the electric circuit is A. C. before you plug in the machine. Electrical Information Push plug 1 into receptacle 2, and plug 3 at other end of cord into the wall outlet. Cord 4 leads to the speed control. Place the foot control under the cabinet within easy reach of your foot. Rest the right foot on the speed control and press. The harder you press, the faster the machine will run. 4 R 7132 The Stopmatic Push the raised presser bar lifter toward the machine as far as it will go — and the motor will automatically lift the take-up lever and the needle to the positions required for threading the needle and removing the work. (Don't forget to plug in the machine, though.) Whenever you have to raise the needle, operate the Stopmatic lever. ^ R 7506 Fundamentals of Machine Operation Make sure stop motion knob b is tightened before you begin sewing (clockwise as indicated by white arrow). If you want to turn balance wheel a by hand (although normally there is no need to do so), always turn it toward you (counter-clockwise as shown by black arrow.) Never run a threaded machine unless you have fabric under the presser foot. The machine will feed the material under the sewing foot automatically. All you have to do is guide the work. Never try to hasten feeding by pushing or pulling the fabric while stitching because the needle may bend or break. Before you begin and after you have completed a seam, always operate the Stopmatic lever to raise the take-up lever to a position about 5/32" below the top of its stroke (see ill.). When in this position, the needle can be threaded with the needle threader, or the work be removed from the machine. ^ 084 5 DR 085 —--—"•"“HUT--------------'' ~~ r R 8007 Straight Stitching Set: Dial C=0 • Dial A=0 ■ Lever B ^ Lever E engages and disengages the Automatic mechanism. If you don’t need this mechanism for a longer period, set lever E at "0”. This setting is indicated on pages 32 to 51 as follows: Dial G regulates the stitch length (the higher the number on the dial, the longer the stitch). To backtack the end of a seam, simply depress the finger-tip control. ► R 7999 Zigzag Sewing Set: Dial C=0 If you wantto sew a few wide zigzag stitches while the machine is set for straight stitching (A on 0), merely press down the finger-tip control. When the lever is released, the machine resumes straight stitching automatically. To sew longer zigzag seams, turn dial A to desired stitch width (indicated by numbers 1 to 4). When dial A is set between 1 and 2, you can double the stitch width by depressing the finger-tip control (important for making buttonholes). When you push the control up, the machine will sew straight, regardless of the stitch width set (ideal for tying off zigzag seams). Lever B changes the position of the needle in the needle plate slot. Thus the stitching can be moved from the center to the left or right of the slot, os desired. The position of lever B (left, center, right) indicates the position of the needle in the needle plate slot. Dial G lengthens zigzag stitches CD Cjp C3 or packs them more closely together (satin stitch). R 7995 1 R 8002 Setting Machine for Automatic Embroidery Set: Lever E=3 Swing back the cover on control D. Your embroidery design dial shows all the primary designs you can make with the Automatic. Pick your design and turn the dial so it points to that design. The numbers in the slot indicate the machine dial settings which will give you the design you have chosen. Here is an example: Turn control A to 0. Flick lever B left (as indicated by arrow). Turn dial C clockwise until 5 is at top. Turn dial D clockwise until 3 is opposite red mark (see arrow). And watch your Automatic conjure upthedesignyou want. To ensure that the zigzag stitches are packed closely together, set dial G (page 6) b...


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