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User manual Hearth and Home Technologies, model GFK-160A

Manafacture: Hearth and Home Technologies
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manual abstract

This is available through a receptacle in the factory installed junction box. The junction box is located in the controls compartment of the fireplace. A variable speed control is provided with the blower system to provide quiet forced air flow at the desired speeds. A temperature sensor switch, which automatically turns the blower ON/OFF, is also provided with this kit. 2.0 CHECK CONTENTS OF SHIPPING CARTON Compare CONTENTS OF CARTON in Figure 1 with the actual parts received. If any parts are missing or damaged, contact your dealer before starting installation. Do not install a damaged blower kit. THE GAS CONTROL VALVE OF THIS FIREPLACE. 4.0 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 4.1 INSTALLING ELECTRICAL SERVICE TO THE JUNCTION BOX WARNING: TURN ELECTRICAL POWER OFF AT THE CIRCUIT BREAKER BEFORE BEGINNING THIS INSTALLATION. 1. Remove the electrical cover plate from the lower exterior of the fireplace. Remove the knock-out from the plate and attach the Romex clamp (screws to the outside). (See Figure 2). NOTE: Some fireplace models have a round hole through which the service wires are fed and into which the Romex clamp is attached. These models do not have a cover plate. FIGURE 1 SPEED CONTROL TEMP. SENSOR SWITCH WING NUT CONTROL NUT BLOWER CONTROL KNOB GROUND CLIP FIGURE 2 LOWER GRILLE COVER PLATE 110-120 VAC 3.0 INSTALLATION PRECAUTIONS The GFK-160A Blower Kit is tested and safe when installed in accordance with this installation manual. It is your responsibility to read all instructions before starting installation and to follow these instructions carefully during installation to assure maximum benefit from, and safe operation of, the blower. This blower is carefully engineered and must be installed only as specified. If you modify it or any of its components, you may cause a fire hazard and will void the WARRANTY. In addition, such action may void the coverage provided by the owner's home insurance. CAUTION: All wiring should be done by a qualified electrician and shall be in compliance with local codes and with the National Electric Code ANSI/NFPA NO. 70-current (in the United States), or with the current CSA C22.1 Canadian Electric Code (in Canada). 2. Feed the 110-120 VAC electrical service wires through the Romex clamp and secure the wires to the clamp. Reattach the cover plate to the outside of the fireplace. 3. Access the controls compartment of the fireplace to locate the Junction Box. 4. Using the wire nuts, attach the black wire to the black service wire, the white wire to the white service wire, and the service ground wire to the ground stud of the junction box. 5. Attach the junction box to the side of the unit. Insert the rear tab of the box into the rectangular slot in the outer wrap of the firebox. Push the front end of the box tightly against the side of the unit, and secure the box with a sheet metal screw (note the hole in the front end tab). Printed in U.S.A. Copyright 2003 Hearth & Home Technologies Inc., 20802 Kensington Blvd., Lakeville, MN 55044 107-981K 5/03 1 2 4.2 INSTALLING THE BLOWER Position the blower all the way to the rear and center in the fireplace. Pull the blower forward 1/8" to 1/4" from the back wall of the fireplace (Figure 3). Plug the blower cord into the blower receptacle FAN on the junction box. Attach the ground wire to the bottom of the junction box or to a good accessible metal grounded source. Note: You can attach this to the firebox leg. FIGURE 3 BLOWER “FAN” RECEPTACLE SPEED CONTROL SENSOR SWITCH NOTE: SOME MODELS MAY HAVE A SEPARATE MOUNTING LOCATION ON THE BASE PAN OR VALVE BRACKET FOR MOUNTING THIS SPEED CONTROL FIREPLACE WALL BLOWER 1/8” TO 1/4” BLOWER SENSOR SWITCH “FAN” RECEPTACLE SPEED CONTROL METAL STYLE JUNCTION BOX POWER STRIP STYLE JUNCTION BOX 4.3 INSTALLING THE SPEED CONTROL AND SENSOR SWITCH 1. Remove the knob and locknut from the variable speed control. Slide the control behind the fireplace wall, in the lower right front corner, with the stem sticking out of the pre-punched hole. Attach the locknut tightly and reattach the knob on the stem. NOTE: Some models may have a separate mounting location on the base pan or valve bracket for mounting this speed control. 2. Slide the temperature sensor switch/bracket assembly onto the weld stud on the outside of the combustion chamber. Secure the bracket assembly with the wing nut provided. See Figure 4. NOTE: The weld stud is located either on the lower right side or the bottom of the combustion box. NOTE: THE SWITCH/BRACKET ASSEMBLY MUST BE INSTALLED SO THAT THE SENSOR SWITCH IS TOWARDS THE TOP OF THE UNIT. 3. Connect the variable speed control and the temperature sensor switch to the junction box with the wires provided. See Figure 5 for the wiring diagram that matches the style of junction box on the fireplace. 4. Turn the 110-120 VAC service "ON" at the circuit breaker and turn the speed control switch to the "ON" position. WING NUT TEMPERATURE SENSOR SWITCH SPEED CONTROL FIGURE 4 FIGURE 5 Fan Wiring Diagra...


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