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User manual Datalogic Scanning, model QUICKSCAN 6000

Manafacture: Datalogic Scanning
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manual abstract

Selecting this feature also changes the symbology ID to match those required for EAN-13. UPC-A or UPC-E and EAN-8 or EAN-13 Two and Five Digit AddOns Optional — scanner will read UPC/EAN bar codes with or without add-ons. Required — UPC/EAN bar codes must have add-on or label will not be read. Disable — scanner will not recognize/read add-on portion of UPC/ EAN labels, but will read the main body of the label. Price/Weight Check Digit — provides options for enabling price/ weight check digits. The feature includes selections for domestic four or five digit, and European four or five digit, as well as the option to dis able the price/weight check. 52 QuickScan 6000/6000 Plus UPC/EAN Expansion Use these labels to enable or disable: • Expand UPC-A to EAN-13 • Expand UPC-E to UPC-A Expand EAN-8 to EAN-13 Expand UPC-E to EAN-13 SET END When any expansion feature is enabled, the transmission of the Prefix, Suffix, Check Digit and Number System Digit (NSD) are controlled by your selections for the symbology 'expanded to' rather than the symbology 'expanded from'. For example, if you expand UPC-E to UPC-A, settings for UPC-A determine how the scanner sends a bar code's contents. Programming Guide S3 000 191 190 1A1 1A0 1B1 1B0 DD1 DD0 000 UPC/EAN Add-Ons If you need to scan UPC or EAN labels that include add-on codes, the selections on this page set the scanner's Add-on feature. Three add-on read modes are available: optional, required and disabled. Optional — the scanner will recognize UPC bar codes with or without add-ons. NOTE Due to the structure of add-on codes, selecting the Optional setting makes it impossible to ensure that the scanner will always read the add-on portion of the label. Datalogic makes no guarantee, either written or implied, that scanners with optional add-on decoding enabled will perform with the speed and accuracy required for any given application. Required — the scanner will not recognize or decode any UPC/ EAN labels that do not contain an add-on segment. Disabled — the scanner will not recognize or decode any addon segment of UPC/EAN labels. The scanner will read and decode the standard UPC/EAN portion of the label. SE a Other models in this manual:
Scanners and Copiers - QUICKSCAN 6000 PLUS (821.51 kb)


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