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User manual Canon, model i-SENSYS MF4870dn

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Photos and specs  Canon  i-SENSYS MF4870dn
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2 Connect a telephone cable. .. .. Telephone line connector Telephone/Handset (Optional) When appears on the display, connect the telephone cable by referring to the illustration. When installing the optional handset: For more details, see the supplied manual with the handset. 3 Exit the Fax Setup Guide, and then restart the machine. End Fax Setup Guide? Yes No OK Setting is complete. Turn the main power OFF and ON. Turn OFF the machine and wait for at least 10 seconds before turning it ON again. The telephone line types are not detected automatically. See the e-Manual and set a telephone line manually. e-Manual “Fax” . “Using the Fax Functions” . “Changing Fax Settings (Settings that Can Be Specified Using the [Menu] Button)” . “Configuring Send Settings” . “Select Line Type” 14 En Copy Enlarged/Reduced Copies You can enlarge or reduce standard size documents to copy on standard size paper or specify the copy ratio in percentage. 2-Sided Copying* You can copy 1-sided documents on both sides of paper. Collating You can sort copies into sets arranged in page order. Reduced Layout You can reduce multiple documents to copy them onto one sheet. 2 on 1 4 on 1 Copying ID Card You can make a copy of a 2-sided card onto one side of paper. Fax** Sending a Document Directly from a Computer (PC Fax) In addition to the normal sending and receiving faxes, you can use the PC fax. Sending You can register fax destinations in the address book. You can specify the destinations using various methods, enabling you to send documents quickly and easily. • Destination search • One-touch keys • Coded dialing • Destination Group • Specifying from the sending history • Sequential broadcast • Delayed sending Receiving .. Receiving in the memory You can store the received documents in the memory. You can print the stored documents at any time, and if you do not need them, you can delete them. .. Remote Receiving If an external telephone is connected, you can switch to the fax receiving mode immediately by dialing the ID number for fax receiving using the dial buttons of the telephone during a phone call. .. Polling Receiving You can retrieve pre-loaded documents from a sender’s fax machine when you want to receive the fax. Print Enlarged/Reduced Printing 2-Sided Printing* Reduced Layout You can reduce multiple documents to print them onto one sheet. 2 on 1 4 on 1 Booklet Printing* Poster Printing Watermark Printing Displaying a Preview before Printing Selecting a “Profile” Scan Saving the Documents Using the Operation Panel of the Machine 1 2 Data 3 Documents Saving the Documents Using Operations from a Computer .. Scanning with the MF Toolbox 1 3 Data 2 Documents .. Scanning from an Application .. Scanning with the WIA Driver*** Network Settings**** This machine comes equipped with a network interface that you can construct a network environment easily. You can print a document, use the PC fax, and use the network scan from all computers which are connected with the machine. The machine supports to increase work efficiency as a shared machine in the office. Remote UI**** You can understand the condition of the machine from the computers on the network. You can access the machine and manage jobs or specify various settings via network. Perform Useful Tasks You can use various functions in this machine. Following functions are the overview of the main functions that you can use routinely. * MF4890dw/MF4870dn Only ** MF4890dw/MF4870dn/MF4780w/MF4750 Only *** Windows XP/Vista/7 Only **** MF4890dw/MF4870dn/MF4780w Only 15 Clearing Paper Jams En If the following screen appears, a paper jam has occurred in the feeder or inside the machine. Follow the procedure displayed on the screen to remove the jammed document or paper. This manual indicates only areas where paper jams occur. For details on each function, see the e-Manual. Paper jam. Press [ ] to display steps. Inside the machine Multi-purpose tray Paper Cassette Back cover (MF4890dw/MF4870dn on...

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